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Friday, September 14, 2007

Do You Remember, Mr Speaker

That when you took office, you took an oath that you would “faithfully discharge the duties of that office to the best of my ability, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to Malaysia, and will preserve, protect and defend its Constitution."

In return for your commitment to the defence of this nation and its ideals, you were and still are guaranteed by law a salary paid from the Consolidated Fund. The monies in this fund are monies raised or received from the Federation. Monies raised from the hard work of Malaysians, the majority of whom pay their taxes in fulfillment of their end of the bargain, of their respective duties to this nation. They pay and they pay, with the strain of an existence that is difficult at best for many, every bead of sweat on their brow a testament to their will to survive.

I ask you, Mr Speaker. Do you think that you are honouring these Malaysians with your actions? Do you think you are preserving, protecting and defending the Constitution that is the only guarantee of the just and compassionate society that these Malaysians are entitled to? The only future that our young deserve?

I fail to see how that could be so when matters of national importance are prevented from being aired by you. It would appear that you act almost mechanically in rejecting motion after motion. The essence of parliamentary democracy is free, frank and fearless discussion in parliament; without fear or favour. And yet, we are seeing almost no significant debate on key issues that affect us all. Parliament has been allowed to be manipulated and I wonder whether you see this.

Do you not recognize that you are a trustee for the Malaysian rakyat? In that, sir, you owe a great duty to ensure fairness. I appreciate that your appointment may have been arranged by those who constitute the Government, and that you are not an elected member of parliament. This does not, should not, make you beholden to the Government, or anyone else for that matter. Your appointment is proof enough of your ability to supervise the Dewan Rakyat as it should be.

By virtue of your position, and the measures provided by the Constitution to secure yourself from arbitrary reactions, you are ensured the means to act in fairness. In doing so, you would be doing nothing more than what is expected of you by the Constitution and the rakyat of this nation.

Act now, sir, in defence of the nation. It is a dark time for us all, all our families, and the fate of this nation rests on the conscience of a few good men and women. The path to which you hold the key is a path that allows the issues that are fermenting in a cauldron of tension to be resolved peacefully through the frank discussion so crucial for the truth.

Remember, Mr Speaker, your oath and the significance of that oath. Remember your sacred duties. And above all, remember Malaysia and its children.



Rockybru said...

the damn bugger doesn't give a damn.
carry on, bro. let's continue to expose and shame the buggers.

Unknown said...

well, he only cares about the goodies that come along with the job. other things, subservient to the goodies. thats why integrity and reputation are thrown out of thw window. so, his job is just at the beckoning of the executive. he wouldnt even move an inch unless directed by the executive, even to the extent of harakiri as long as it is top directive. no brainer, isnt it? these people have no sense of shame. wonder how he faces his children and grandchildren each day.

Anonymous said...

Do not for one moment imagine that such lofty ideas of democracy, separation of powers, upholding the constitution, even basic principles mean anything to people like these. Safe behind the facade of the BN machinery, they know whatever they do, nothing will happen to them.

Those ideals are to them just that, ideals. They may garb themselves in all the trappings of the office ala Westminster, put on their best western suits, accept all the largesse that come with the office, and imagine that they are equal to the democratic institutions of the west that they have copied in style but not in substance. But in reality, they just give lip service to these traditions, taking whatever is convenient to them and ignoring what is not. Principles matter not a whit to them. Masquerading as upholders of the principles of good governance, they themselves are the epitome of all the mismanagement of those principles.

Giving gentle reminders, writing great treatises exhorting them to respect the obligations of their office is just water on a ducks back. They probably look at all these efforts, give a little chuckle at these Don Quixotes flailing at them and go on their merry way abusing they very things they have been entrusted to defend. Not a pinprick of conscience passes across their minds. They are in positions of power;nothing else matters, nobody can touch them.

They have no shame in not upholding the trust placed on them when appointed to their office, that whatever perks they enjoy be it fat salaries, hefty allowances, the whole works come with a sacred duty and responsibility to society and nation. You just don't take everything and give nothing back in return. Its just not on.

But we can hope. Hope that the level of criticism and concern will reach a critical mass. And with that critical mass, the whole sordid, rusty, squeaky wheels of the BN machinery will grind to a halt and the party will collapse under the weight of its own abusive mentality, greediness, and arrogance.

walla said...

His present post as Speaker is reward for being an indifferent former MB of Perak, one of the most neglected states in the federation.

He is beholden to his political masters first, then to the principles of parliament; that we are talking about his negativities implies that his political masters and the principles of parliament have different foci; considering his political masters have a majority hold of parliament, that is downright strange.

If we can't even have checks-and-balances in Parliament on debates regarding the abuse of political power, how can this country ever change to be better?

Anonymous said...

Ramli I am sure is a true believer in GOD.

GOD witnessed the Oath taking....and GOD is still Watching.

Lets give him a chance to reflect and atone "without Fear or Favour".

zorro said...

If I was a member of his family I would be ashamed of him. Can his children read? Has he any children? If really he has, he would be discharging his duties with integrity. Cows have rings through their nostrils. I got to watch closely the next time because he is definitely being led like most cows...sorry bull he is....bodering on senility. These types are usually ripe for the slaughter house or out to pastures.

1abc 2 abc said...

Malik, you are one of the few I respect and agree to your stand for justice.

Your expectation in the House Speaker is like that picked out from any Public Law textbook. Why the Speaker in the English-law jurisdiction is highly respected for their unyielding quest for justice, without fear or favour, as contrast to our own? I see there are 3 major factors. Firstly, one party (ignoring the "coalition partners" that are just ornaments) controlling the parliament (and the Upper House). The power that be is able make bad laws at their whim and fancy, and commit any "crime" in the name of "good" for the people without retribution. Secondly, the people just resigned to take care of their bread-and-better and acceptance that there is no credible alternative available without risking their livihood. Thirdly, the civil servants look at themselves as "runners" to the power that be. The spirit of the Rule of Law is put in a second fiddle. They do not take pride of their own dignity and credibility. They fear of personal loss for doing so. Worse still, there is virtually no practical avenue for getting justice. Judiciary independence is in great doubt. Many high-spirited and strongly-argued cases in the Appeal Court were thrown out by Federal Court by citing on the protocol without any credible arguments. The sacrifice of going against the system is fear to be just too great.