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Friday, September 28, 2007

Burma: The Struggle For Freedom

(Photo by Ko Htike. See here)

A prayer for our friends in Burma. The quiet resolve, strength and compassion of the monks and the Burmese who have rallied around them is humbling, a lesson for all of us who claim to understand what freedom is and the price of that freedom. They have stood, and are standing, firm against bullets and force, injury and death, in their pursuit of truth and justice.

The numbers of dead and injured are rising rapidly now as the military attempt to regain control in the only way it understands, through force. The massacre of 1988 in which 3,000 plus persons were killed by the military as it opened fire on demonstrators is a daunting specter, a grim reminder of what the military was, and perhaps is, prepared to do to keep itself in power.

The people of Burma are asking for no more than what each of us aspires to, a meaningful life.

We must help. Support the movement for democracy in Burma.





I wore red yesterday. It was the least I could do.
But I have special interest in the affairs of Mynammar because my grandmother is Burmese. I have always felt strong ties with Burma, knowing that I have family there though I have never met any of them.

Anonymous said...

whos next? malaysia in the not too distant future? i wont be surprise as the country continues its slide with widespread corruption and breaking down of rule of law.
Can you imagine the ACA resorting to kidnapping the family of whistleblower just to protect some personalities? got o malaysia-today for this breaking news. whats next really?