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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Judges Say 'Aye'

Here's an excerpt from an interview of Datuk K.C. Vohrah, Datuk Shaik Daud and Datuk V.C. George (retired judges of the Court of Appeal) by Shaila Koshy of The Star (read full interview, 'Weighing State Of The Judiciary' here).

I had the privilege of appearing before all three judges and have remained in contact with them. They are men of principle whose views are worthy of consideration. All three are missed at the Bar.

The excerpt says it all. These three distinguished and widely experienced judges support the call by the Bar for a Royal Commission to probe into the Lingam video scandal as well as the establishment of an independent commission for the appointment of judges.

As for Nazri, what else is there to say.


"Are you in favour of a Judicial Commission?

George: I hope there will be an independent Judicial Commission to ensure an independent, incorruptible, and competent judiciary. I cannot stress more strongly the need to investigate and assess a person before they are appointed.

Merit is not an issue in deciding promotions if the person was of good quality, character and morality at selection.

Vohrah: Definitely. After Suhakam's forum on the right to an expeditious and fair trial in 2005, we called for a commission in our report, saying the competency of judges had a bearing on the efficiency of the judicial system. I want to add that there have been some good people in the AG's Chambers who should have been made judges but they were not appointed.

Shaik Daud: A Judicial Commission would be a good start (to restoring public confidence in the judiciary). It can enforce the code.

A panel of inquiry is investigating the video clip but do you think there is a need for a royal commission of inquiry to examine the affairs of the judiciary in light of all the complaints that have arisen since 1988?

George: The panel is only looking at one issue. I think the Bar is on the right track in calling for a royal commission to look into all aspects of the judiciary.

Vohrah: Yes. A royal commission could explore all aspects of the ills besetting the judiciary. The problems are far-reaching and something has to be done fairly quickly before the judiciary slides further down the track. "

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Nazri ??? and his stupidity???

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