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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Statement: MCLM

It is with regret that I announce my disassociation from the Malaysian Civil Liberties Movement, otherwise known as MCLM.

Though I have at no point in time been a member of MCLM, I had committed to working with the movement to further the reform agenda.

For the sake of clarity, I note here that at all times my agreement to stand as an independent candidate hinged on my being satisfied that there was cause for it. In this I firmly believed, and still do, that the Pakatan Rakyat was pivotal in any campaign for reform, though it was not necessarily the only actor of relevance. In that light, I had resolved to stand only where my doing so would not result in a three-corner fight or where it was strictly necessary to do so.

Much has occurred since the announcement of the initiative. For one, the Pakatan Rakyat appeared to commit to a sustained effort to identify and field quality candidates. For another, Raja Petra Kamaruddin felt it necessary to state his personal views as he did, in an interview with TV3 last year and recently in interviews published in the New Straits Times and the Utusan Malaysia.

I will not delve into the matters spoken of save to say that they cast a less than positive light on the MCLM in so far as its commitment to principle is concerned. Furthermore, I do not share his views.

As I understand things those views were entirely personal to him and are not the views of the MCLM. Raja Petra had however allowed the impression that he spoke on behalf of MCLM and in his capacity as the chairman of the movement. That is regrettable as it is an impression that has undermined the credibility of the MCLM and its efforts. It has also undermined the tremendous efforts of a number of highly committed and selfless individuals in their untiring efforts to develop various civil society initiatives under the banner of MCLM.

In having done what he did, as well intentioned as he may have been, Raja Petra has seriously undermined the cause. It is my belief that no one person is larger than the cause.

It is for this reason that I must disassociate from the movement and withdraw from the independent candidate initiative. I have discussed the matter with Mr Sreekant Pillai who has asked me to state that he shares my views and is similarly dissociating.

I wish to state that my decisions to remain independent of any political parties and to stand as a candidate were mine and mine alone. It has been some years since Raja Petra and I have spoken and he has not in any way influenced any of my decisions.

Malik Imtiaz Sarwar


buayanegara said...

I totally agree with the writer that RPK appears to be ambigious in many things. Perhaps he is not himself but
all things being equal - a man of true honour is had to find.
RPK being a Political animal is certainly unpredictable.
With so much pressure and the fiscal
power of unmo who knows.

abRocadabRO said...

Dear Malik,

As an individual who shares the same cause for reform, I'm very dissappointed with you, Haris and Sreekant Pillai for dissociating yourself from MCLM.

So after all, you do believe that RPK is bigger than MCLM or the cause, don't you? If your answer is Yes, I rest my case.

MCLM is not about RPK or Haris Ibrahim. MCLM is about the reform agenda for the country which has been plagued with cronyism, patronage, corruption etc for 54 years.

Where's your fighting spirit? Where is your principle? Do you allow your fighting spirit and life principles to be altered or influenced by a bloke who goes by the name of RPK?

I have long been inspired by many reform fighters, but I'm utterly dissappointed that two of them, in particular Malik Imtiaz Sarwar and Haris Ibrahim - have no balls to stand up against this bloke called RPK.

Pls convey my dissappointment to Haris should you bump into him.

Anonymous said...

You have my respects Mr. Malik!

Curious said...

Some RM4.0m or RM11.0m of funds were publicly stated for the purpose of organizing free and independent candidates.

Any further news on that, now?

HotDogg said...

Good for you. and RPK knows what he's doing is insane but he went ahead. Now he'll have to pay the price just like any common thief. His credibility has gone from beyond doubt to FULL OF DOUBTS.

I promise you, if RPK were to stand as an independent candidate in the coming GE, he WILL lose his deposit. I will go to the polling, not to vote, but spit at his face! I'm farking furious that I've to start the new year reading his lies and nonsense.


Anonymous said...

Dear Malik

Please do continue your struggle for the people of Malaysia. I am an admirer of your efforts so far. All in all, we the people of Malaysia must prevail through these tough times. Although MCLM may fade away, the people are still steadfast in the hope for a new Malaysia.

I am afraid the damage has already been done and the silent majority has seen how inadequate and ill-prepared the alternative government(Pakatan Rakyat) portrays itself. Lets just take one step at a time and continue the climb towards the hill(Putrajaya).

Take care and Godspeed.

Anonymous said...

Malik, U have my confidence. I hope you will join a party and stand as a candidate.

Anonymous said...

I hold people of principle and integrity like you in the highest regard. You do what you have to do, and I guess disassociating yourself from MCLM is the right thing to do.

Anonymous said...

It's better for everyone to distance themselves from RPK as this guy had been contradicting himself lately, so it's not baseless to say that he has been bought.

Firstly He was the one who claimed that UMNO lawyer was plotting the sodomy II and how Saiful was involve as well as exposing the affair with you know who. And now after residing in UK,all of a sudden he had forgotten what he wrote and did a 180 degree U turn, and yet he dare to criticise the FROGS, frankly he's not any better off

Anonymous said...

Dear Malik

I have great respect a professional like you and Haris. But I also have great respect to RPK.

What RPK said was nothing new and I don't think any wrong when you try to understand what he said.

RPK is always RPK. He is critical of any wrong doing both from UMNO/BN & PR.

Jason said...

RPK has certainly made more complicated something which was already complex by itself. The bottom line is that majority of Malaysians want the current status quo changed and we need to be united in doing this. RPK has, in his own convoluted round reasoning made the alternative disunited. En Malik, please do not give up and do stand as a candidate, supplementing the PR's talent pool.

Anonymous said...

RPK has forgotten that the people are disgustingly fed up with crafty umno and those eunuchs, and the people will rather have a gay,pondan,whatever as PM than these old wild cowboys who put themselves first,not the nation. Do you understand RPK?You still dont get it?

Anonymous said...

Dear Malik , I think the right thing that should have been done is to kick out this RPK guy!! He doesn't own MCLM !! It belongs to the people.The peoples struggle should carry on without RPK.

Bodyguard said...

I support 100 % on your action as I believe others WISEMAN will do/think the same way.


Anonymous said...

Dear Malik,

I disassociate with RPK when he set up MCLM for the purpose of putting you/someone as a candidates in the election. I like you and think you are a pretty smart person but I was a little surprise you took the bait. Anyway, I'm glad you are out.

Why don't you offer yourself to DAP or at least look at them a little closer. They might not be the best out there but believe me they try their best.

You can fight a lone but who can you beat, how many people would hear you and what can you accomplish?

Why continue to adopt this self destruction behavior of divide and rule.

I have voted for DAP all along. Not that they are the best or can offer me anything and or change Malaysia anytime soon but I know they walk the talk.


Curious too said...

MCLM is incorporated in the UK. RPK is a UK citizen and it is generally known that dual citizenship is not allowed in Malaysia.

Wasn't this legal technicality initially apparent? Or was it just browsed over?

Anonymous said...

I think RPK is throwing in a red herring this time, I really really hope so and Malik - you would make a wonderful PM - not sure why - but you definitely would be an excellent choice. I see so much of goodness in you. I see that in RPK as well - he has his own ways though. ABU!

LChuah said...

Anonymous wrote:
>... you are a pretty smart person but I was a little surprise you took the bait.<

Perhaps the "but" should be "so" as in "so I was a little surprised..."

BTW, I was not only a LITTLE surprised by VERY surprised that you, Malik, had decided to join that organization. Having listened to you at various public forums, I was struck not only by your "smartness" but also your sincerity and of course integrity. Perhaps the flip side of sincerity is a less than discriminating trust in people who might be unworthy of that trust.

Nevertheless, I think you and people like Haris can still contribute much to the country by just speaking out and continuing to fight for the goals we all share.

kopite said...

Dear Malik,

By all means, disassociate yourself with MCLM or RPK. These are just names but NEVER give up your struggle for a better Malaysia.

Fight for us, the long suffering rakyat. Stand as an independent; but work closely with PR.

We need quality candidates that can brings us forward; people that are color blind.

We NEED fighters like you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Malik, I totally agree with the a certain anonymous. Why not offer yourself to DAP or at least look at them a little closer.

Tiger said...

You remain one of the few people untarnished.
Good on you!