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Monday, September 8, 2008

Suspicion Of Tyranny

"I realise that the police have a difficult duty to perform to maintain the public peace and security. They should by all means exercise their powers under the law but in exercising these extra-ordinary powers of detention without trial, they should be careful not to raise in the minds of the public any suspicion of tyranny."

The late Justice Harun Hashim (as he then was) in IGP & Anor v Lee Kim Hong [1979] 2 MLJ 291


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Starmandala said...

After the Mahathirization of PDRM we have gone way beyond mere "suspicion of tyranny." Tyranny is a firmly established modus operandi of a well-entrenched political faction in fear of losing power and privilege and our uniformed thugs are quite happy to serve their masters' ignoble purposes.

Nothing will change till Pakatan Rakyat takes over and offers RPK the IGP's post so he can remake the PDRM into PDRP (Polis Di Raja Petra)!