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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Selamat Hari Malaysia

Selamat Hari Malaysia.

This photograph gives you an impression of the state of euphoria in Kelana Jaya last night at the Pakatan Rally (photo by TV Smith, more here; photos by Chee Seong here). More importantly, it gives you an idea of what a pluralist Malaysia would look like. I say would, not could, because it is an inevitable reality built on the undeniable truth that the only thing that keeps us apart from each other is politics. We are all anak Bangsa Malaysia.

September 16th, 2008. Whether it happens today, tomorrow, or the day after, Malaysians will get a government that they are entitled to, one that stands for truth, justice and fairness for all. Anwar Ibrahim says that the Pakatan Rakyat has the numbers. Even if they do not, even if it takes us a few more months or years to get to a point where Malaysia will look like it does in this photograph, with or without the Pakatan Rakyat, we will get there. I am convinced of this.

We are reclaiming what is ours, a free Malaysia.


Update: see also Thinkvision's Weblog for more photos and commentary


mei1 said...

Agreed with what you said "we will get there. I'm convinced of this. We're claiming what's ours, a free Malaysia"

Though there's no definite date for the takeover, I believe that in the hearts of many anak-anak bangsa Malaysia would have reckoned that 916 is a brand new National Day for all & there's a hope for better Malaysia. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Just one question. Will there be a free Malaysia also for people like me and Lina Joy? I always ask myself that question..

Anonymous said...

Yes MIS, we will get there for sure as long as we never give up the fight for the love of this country and all the citizens of Malaysia.


Anonymous said...

amen, malik.

for the last 20 years, the BN machinery has been polarising us, feeding us craps and proganda via their TVs and newspapers. while we debate, they just enjoy themselves with the plundering of state assets. Whenever questioned about their corrupt ways, they wil raise their fist and shout Ketuanan melayu. for too long, too many have bought this crap story. Now, we are free to see their decrepit ways and we will change this corrupt and racist government unless they change before we vote them out.

tan, tanjong bungah said...

Hi everyone,

The picture is heartening - this is what Malaysians want, a truly multiethnic and multireligous crowd.

There is hope yet. Wishing all fellow Malaysians a very happy Malaysia Day.

ahoo said...

No amount of words can describe the feelings of those at the stadium last night! As seen from various pictures shown to date, the people was together for a common cause,.... to see a just and caring govt for the people.

Yes, the new govt can be anytime from now as you mentioned and I concur whole heartedly as the most important factor of all is the stability of the nation. Nothing should be compromise as there are many with evil intentions to create havoc at the slightest opportunity. Let us pray that God forbids and will continue to protect this nation against those with evil agenda. They will be removed from position of authority and good sense will prevail.

The beauty of this gathering was the fact that each was colour blind and indeed this augurs well for the new generations. We are different only by what the politicians perceive us to be not that we want it to be as such. For all men are brothers and let us hope for a brighter Malaysia in the days ahead.

flyer168 said...

Dear Malik Imtiaz,

It was a great & historic night indeed....

We saw with our own eyes & heard the GREAT speeches, the "SUPPORT, the "JUBILATION" by "ALL" the "TRUE" 20,000 plus "Anak Bangsa Malaysia" & DSAI's announcement...of a new "Dawn for Malaysia & Malaysians".

A beautiful night to witness the "Historic" moment...our "Malaysia Day" celebration..."916"

Malaysia for Malaysian where Justice, Freedom, Transparency, Accountability & Equality will be restored to this great nation and its rayaat.

Yes, my friends we are almost there, so please be patient & pray for the smooth transition to our new PR government, to enable the abolishment of ISA together with the release of YM RPK, Teresa, the Hindraf 5 & all the other ISA detainees.Insha'Allah.

We shall overcome...

Unknown said...

A free Malaysia, how?

By doing multiple crossovers, that is dishonouring the people's chice thru fair and free elections.

Hoping on AI to effect a change, whoah, isn't he the one convicted for sodomy, power abuse and corruption, even with NINE defence lawyers.

Ironical to say the least

andyksyong said...

Too naive as you dunno the real political world, yes umno is bad, AI is the wolf!

Anonymous said...

Kenapa government x bertukar? Anwar ni penipulah.

Anonymous said...

What's all these talks about jumping as not honorable?

You dare say that you've never change your job once in your lifetime?

What do you do when you see your boss is not taking the right path in leading the company? Do you jump ship or do you continue with to serve your crook boss?

The MPs should practice what is right and they should, amongst all the rakyat, know what is right. Their duty is to serve the people, and everything else comes second.

When I voted, I voted for a better country. It doesn't matter which political party my MP belongs to, as long as he serve the needs of his constituents.

Anonymous said...

change will come

Mad Izatie said...

i'm overseas, and evenr from this far away, i'm feeling anxious. i check the online news sited every day to see whether if the change we all want has happened. and i'm anxious about it because i yearn for that day to come. we the people demand change.

and thank you for speaking out in the cause of freedom. with the ISA being sicced onto people like bugspray, we need all the speakers we can get.don't let the

government scare you, don't let them intimidate you. fight on for freedom!

Pratamad said...

To echo your call, Malaysians must have faith of what we believe in. The country is ours, plain and simple. We shall reclaim it. No matter how dire the situations are and will be, we will make sure it happens.