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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Free RPK: It's Not Over

Let me first apologise to you for not having given you an update yesterday. It was a trying day, the culmination of a period of work and stress that began the day RPK was detained. Not just for me but for the other members of the team, in particular Ashok Kandiah and Neoh Hor Kee.

You would have read of how the application was originally fixed for the 26th of September. It was through the enormous efforts of both these lawyers that the hearing was brought forward as it was. It was also through their efforts that the necessary court papers and affidavits (statements on oath) by RPK were obtained as quickly as they were. It was primarily due to their efforts that when, as lawyers say, I got up on my hind-feet in court yesterday, we were ready to give it the best shot we could. I believe that the case we would have mounted for RPK would have been virtually unassailable.

But out attempts were impeded.

I say impeded because at this juncture we do not know whether the High Court is going to hear the original section 73 application now that the Minister has issued a detention order. A fresh application can also, and will be, filed to challenge that order. To be fair to the judge concerned, Suraya Othman J, she considered herself bound by precedent that she thought tied her hands. She acted fairly, albeit conservatively.

As much as some of us may think otherwise, RPK's case is one of many that the judge has to deal with. We must also keep in mind that the judge has not dismissed or struck out RPK’s application even though this was what Federal Counsel sought. It is now for us to attempt to convince the judge that there is merit in proceeding with this application even though she will not be able to order the release of RPK based on this application alone. I would like to think that we still have a chance.

A second habeas corpus application will also be filed to challenge the Minister’s order. We started working on it yesterday. In truth, we are handicapped; the ISA precludes comprehensive review of such an order. Added to this is the legal position that such an order is issued by the Minister at his subjective discretion. The courts have been reluctant to interfere with the Minister’s discretion, save on procedural grounds, on the basis that, firstly, the law does not permit otherwise and secondly, the Minister knows best about national security.

This is the massive obstacle we are faced with.

This is one of the reasons why a section 73 detention is converted to a section 8 detention when the IGP is confronted with a habeas corpus application; the issuance of the Minister's order narrows the scope of review and permits the Minister to shield himself behind a veil of national security. RPK is not the first victim of such a strategy. We experienced the same difficulty during the so-called JI detentions in late 2002.

There are however peculiarities about RPK’s detention that may give us footholds to ease our ascent. The media has reported that the Minister issued the detention order on the recommendations of the police. These pertained to the so-called anti-Islamic articles that RPK is supposed to have written. We at least know the basis of the detention and are able to bring it into focus when we get to court.

There are also no other legal tricks that can be pulled by the Ministry. The issuance of the detention order is as problematic for RPK as it can get. Some have said that this makes the detention virtually immune from challenge. I would like to think that the interests of justice can always be served if we remain hopeful of finding the path to it.

Every case in court brings us into uncharted territory and with it surprises. I have had my share. In 2001, Justice Hishamuddin ordered the release of Abdul Ghani Haroon and N Gobalakrishnan. He also prevented the police from re-arresting the two. I was in court the day he pronounced the orders and the sheer exultation I felt as he did remains with me to this day as has the awareness that there are those who will do the right thing when times seem darkest.

RPK and the other civil society leaders who have shown us the way started a process to transform this country. This legal campaign is a part of it as is the mounting civil society pressure against the ISA that have spring-boarded off his detention and that of Theresa Kok, Tan Hoong Cheng and the HINDRAF 5. RPK knew what would happen and lent himself to the process. For that reason above all, he is firmly ensconced in my mind as a patriot.

We must not lose faith. The fight has not ended, it has just begun.



Anonymous said...

I dont see why we need to free RPK.

RPK purposely wanted to be detained under ISA. Any attempt to free him will be an act against his will. He wanted to be free by the Sodomist when Sodomist formed a new goverment in ... sept 16, ...i meant sep 23 ... err ... sep 30 ? Probably year 2020 ... whoa..hoaa..haa ... excuse me ... whoaa..hoaa...haa !

There are so many cause that we can fight for .. but to free a blatant liar ?

Calling a Slander a Hero ? Maybe you could start to teach your son and daughter to lie. Maybe we should abolish pendidikan agama dan moral and replace it with pendidikan tak bermoral or pendidikan 'let's rape and sodomise'. Maybe it is a time to release all the Rapist and better still if we could start send all the rape victim into jail instead.

Calling a Blatant liar a courageous act ... huh ? Maybe we can start giving medal to robber and murderer because it does take a lot of courage to use gun and to kill some more wooo .

Please use brain. Please use conscience. If you canot differentiate something so obvious, then please get Lost.

Maybe you feel you are fighting for something holy that not many can apprehend, then my advise is to start go see a shrink instead.

~ Leno ~

freedom of expression is a 'Qualified' right .. not a 'Democratic' right.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the exciting account of what happened yesterday and the way forward. It gives us hope that all is not lost, justice will still prevail and that someone capable (you)is at helm. And we all need a little hope right now.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your work. You are a true patriot and more. I only hope there are judges who uphold justice, just as there are upright lawyers who fight for justice.

Some (see Leno's comment) may not comprehend that this is not about RPK - it is about the inherent injustice of indefinite detention without trial.

If RPK is accused of any offence, he should be charged in court and not arbitrarily incarcerated at the Minister's pleasure.


Unknown said...

Hi anonymous @ 9:50am,

I think you are rather rude to call a very courageous man like RPK a ‘blatant liar’. You are however entitle to have your own opinion and view on RPK, but please don’t humiliate him with your false logic.

RPK is simply a man that is very out spoken and honest of what he thinks and what he felt, he prepare to risk his life purely for the justice of someone else that is not related to him, are you as great as RPK in that regard?

I am sorry that you must have a very confused mind at the moment as what you have said in your writing is so illogical. I hope my writing will not make you even angrier, I apologize that I have to defend for RPK base on the justice and I am 6000 miles away from M’sia.

ahoo said...

Dear bro MIS,

Please do not let any negative comments distract you from the role of representing those that seek justice within the confine of law. Every man despite of his wrongdoings will still have his day in a court of justice and that is where lawyer like you takes the role to fight to the best of your knowledge what is within the rule of law.

I sincerely admire the role of 'good lawyers' as they are the ones who stick out their necks in voicing out for their clients and at times the only avenue left for the victims of law. Many would have shun this case as you are against the entire might of the ruling regime but you care enough to take it on as a man of courage.

I thank God for people like you to make Malaysia a more liveable place as all is not lost if there are enough men with coureageous spirit to right the wrongs perpetuated by those who have powers in their hands. When the use of ISA is meant sorely for terrorists and communists but is now taken to use it on civilians.

Furthermore, there are many still languishing in Kamunting for umpteen years supposing to be under corrective programmes but does anyone cares to know whether those sacalled programmes are bearing results ? Does it need six years or more to correct someone's waywards character if the original charges indicated that the person is a threat to the nation ?

We pray for justice to prevail and for sanity to return to this beloved nation so that people with evil intentions will not ruins it for self interest sake.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping the public informed of what you are doing for RPK.

As you rightly said it is uncharted waters but keep doing what is right and good and evil will be subsumed.

One is sure. The good guys always win in the end, in the movies and in real life and we have history to back this up.

There is no justification for the use of the ISA by the government, and in doing so is actually admitting defeat because the charges will not stick in a decent court.

Keep up the good work and let us know what we can do to help...God bless.

Pat said...

Dear MIS,

I agree with CPK that this is not only about RPK the man, but about RPK as representing the inherent injustice of this law of detention without trial.

I have been waiting to hear news of this. Thank you for posting. I don't know where you find the time!

It is time we grew up and faced the reality that people will not always agree with us. But for their differing opinions, it is not just to simply lock them up and throw away the key.

Indeed, RPK is a patriot. As are you.


Starmandala said...

"I dont see why we need to free RPK."

Only an SB zombie or one of Najib's lackeys could have uttered something that inane. I have an excellent nose for psychic emanations - and what I pick up from this gibbering idiot is months-old-crap-in-da-pants. Ever since 18 June 2008, when RPK signed his statutory declaration directly implicating Najib's wife and members of the Engineering Corps at Mindef, some people have been buying large quantities of adult diapers. We're no longer talking simple corruption here - this is premeditated murder in the first degree for which the penalty is death by hanging.

The only ones I know who so shiver at the thought of RPK set free and Anwar installed as PM are the guilty parties who would have nowhere to hide except up their own stygian innards.

Thank you for doing what you do, Imtiaz.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we must not give up hope to free RPK and the other ISA detainees. All good Malaysians must come out and defend them.

To anonymous : It's a real pity that you are so blind and brainwashed by Barisan, the real liars.

Anonymous said...

There are two different issue here.

One is fighting to abolish ISA.

Second is saying what RPK has done is right and courageous.

Let's start with the second part.
How can someone call what RPK has done is a courage act ? He is not fighting for justice. He is not fighting for any good deed at all.
He is out to topple the someone by hook or by crook. And the way he done is totally flaggebastard .. whatever it means. All in the name of .. democracy ? Of course not ! He done it to protect a corrupted Sodomist. And you are expecting me to praise him ? The whole things is so obvious, but some how people could not see thru it or pretend to be blind or .. literally stupid ? Like telling a false story that Najib wife at the bombing scene ... kah ..kah ..kah .. ! Is that okay with you ? Then may be I can tell everyone that your wife just love to have sex with a dog .. whoa... and now can you please call me courageous and hero too. Maybe you can say there is a possibility what RPK has said, and then there is a possibility that your wife like to have sex with a dog too ?

It is a different story if you are trying to expose a corruption or wrong doing in goverment or opposition or whatever. It is a different story if you are trying to save an unfortunate children or other misfortune life.

Just because he was detained under ISA does not make he is right. Are you saying he has been wrong all these while when he was not detained under ISA.

Some said we are a laughing stock by foreigners ? Which foreigners ?
Singapore ? UK ? German ? Spain ? Sri Lanka ? Thailand ? China ? Russia ? Africa ? Cuba ? Jamaica ?or US with its famous Guantanamo whatever ? or are you talking about the Antartica ?

Get real ... and start fighting for a TRUE course for cow sake.

~ Leno ~

Anonymous said...

Oh shut up, Leno. If you don't like what you're reading, go somewhere else. I recommend Bernama.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update .
Do appreciate that the work has just began.
I am with all of you all the way to free for.. NOW RPK ..and late the rest at Kamunting Hotel.To close the detention camp for good of all peaceful Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Its comments such as those of Leno that gives us all hope. They serve to demonstrate that although constructive and objective discourse is essential in finding common ground amongst us all, there will always be people out there who, for their own survival, can not afford for the truth to come out. For these people, their success (and excesses) in life, have been for so long, largely ascribed to deceit and inequity, that the horror of the truth emerging (in whatever form) and the possibility that one day, they might have to play on a level playing field, is overwhelming. Hence the vitriol, because even if somewhere somehow, they know their position is untenable, they need hope too.

Anonymous said...

Ignore the lunatic Leno's comments.
We the majority appreciate what you are doing. It's not only for RPK but also for the rest of us.
Thank you for updating us.
God bless!

KongKor said...

I almost fell from my chair when I read "the Minister knows best about national security." Seriously, this man is a clown and he is making a mockery of the judicial system, knowingly and willingly manipulate the law in UMNO/BN's favor. And the problem is that the judges will only use precedent cases to rule. I don't know much about the law, it's just common sense and perception I am using.

So like RPK said, "Head they win Tail I lose"

Anonymous said...

Mr MIS, thank you for doing what you're doing.

Poor,poor, self righteous 'Leno'!

Anonymous said...

To a whining and waffling leno:

Sodomist? Blatant liar? Slander (sic)? Correct me if I am wrong but Anwar has yet to be convicted for sodomy (his conviction for the earlier offence was overturned). No court to date has convicted RPK of being a liar or slanderer (he is merely charged with criminal defamation).

Who then is the one who is not using his brains and his conscience? You yourself are immoral for making sub judice comments, quite apart from the fact that Anwar and RPK ought to sue you till kingdom come for defamation.

Coming from someone who unabashedly says "freedom of speech is a qualified right", you should jump off a cliff at the first opportunity. Go get lost yourself.


Anonymous said...

Leno is one big sick freekin whacky ass whacko! Just forget about this idiot.

Thank you Imtiaz, for all that you are doing for our Pet. Its people like you who give hope to all of us to fight on.

art harun said...


I personally think that the earlier application should go on. The reason is this. Syed Hamid Albar, the Minister, has been quoted as saying that the police recommended his detention ad after going through the papers, the govt was satisfied that there were strong grounds to detain him for 2 years.

It is obvious then that the Minister was relying on the police's recommendation. Now, if I understand you correctly, the earlier application was based on mala fide. If that was so, should the police's detention is found to have been fueled with mala fide, the Minister's reliance on the police's recommendation would be flawed and is therefore unreasonable. That would be a ground for judicial review of the Minister's decision.

My two cents' worth.

Malik Imtiaz Sarwar said...


agreed. That was the argument advanced in court yesterday. Certain decisions of the Federal Court are however suggestive of such a narrow scope of review that irregularities in the first detention cannot impact on the second. We aim to take explore this further in the next round.

Your offer of assistance is most welcome.


Anonymous said...

Whoaa ..hoaa...haaa...

Stand in front of the mirror and say to yourself that RPK did not lie when he said Najib wife was at the bombing site ... and woala ... your head just turn into a donkey .. kah ..kah ..kah.

Do you dare to say whatever RPK had written is NOT a fiction ? Rpk himself admit it. Maybe after all I should support that RPK should be free from ISA and instead detained all the donkeys who believe and help to spread his lie instead.

Singapore, UK, German, US and many other developed country have this ISA or equavalent. Why dont you start at their countries instead.

Take US guantanamo bay for examples. How they tortured the Iraqians ! How they belittle the Holy books. How they treat and threat the prisoner ! How come I dont see you guys say anything about it ... you HYPOCRITE sodomist serving people.

How about Singapore, UK and others developed countries ?

We in Malaysia a multicultural, multi-religious, multi-everythings with always have a potential extremist come out to incite somethings to create instability and chaos. Maybe you would like to see blood in my country but sorry .. you need to step over my strong intelligent brain first. You think you represent the whole Malaysian .. think again and please go kiss the Sodomist buttock and say that again.

Some said ISA was used politically to detain opposition members, but last time I check the Sodomist still roam freely, with Kit Siang and Karpal Singh able to sue someone, Tian Chua still talking nonsense, Hadi Awang and Nik Aziz still fasting peacefully in wherever they are.

RPK always have a choice.
He was not detain because he blogged. You, they and me are blogging freely (freely in sense of expressing opinions). He was given many chances ....actually too many chances. But he declared he will continue to slander because he is a bancrupt and got nothing to lose. Does being a 'bancrupt' earn you the right to slander and incite ?

Now, get a life. If you got too much free time, go tanam sayur instead.


~ Leno : The Brutal Intelligent King ~

Anonymous said...

Dear Imtiaz,

If ever I got into trouble with the powers that be for being a rebel, I hope you'll one of my counsel.

Malik Imtiaz Sarwar said...

Dear all,

I have exercised prerogative to shut down the Leno debate. I was giving it as much space as possible because it was important for us to get a rounded discussion on the key issues. It has however become too acrimonious for my liking.

Am still open to discussion on the issues though. As I see it, the facets are (1) preventive detention is wrong, regardless (2) it is wrong but not for Raja Petra and (3) it is acceptable though not for Raja Petra and (4) it is acceptable especially for Raja Petra.

My position is that it is wrong. Every person deserves a fair trial, even those who some of us find objectionable. The idea that power is concentrated in the hands of one person, a Minister, to decide subjectively whether someone should be put away or not, is wholly repugnant to democracy and representative government in accordance with the rule of law.

If Raja Petra has done wrong - and mind you, the religious authorities have not prosecuted him and he has not been found guilty of criminal defamation or sedition - then let him be charged in court and let him have a fair trial.

I said patriot not because I accept everything he has said as truth but I believe that he felt the need to say what he did because he thought it was essential for all our well-being. Silence is all oppressors need to achieve their objectives.


Anonymous said...

This is the first time ever that I post any comment in a blog, and it's because I have a message for Leno.
Leno, you're either a BIG ass-kisser (like Saiful)on the receiving end or just plain stupid! How can you accuse someone as "Sodomist" when up to now none is able to convict him and still desperately trying to force him to give his DNA sample. The timing, the political use, the numerous evidence of the police and politian involvement which RPK provided with solid evidence do not tell you anything? What little credible info do you have to show? Even Saiful has kept quiet and DPM doesn't even dare to charge RPK, except the coward use of ISA! At least RPK produces evidence and SDs shown by RPK on Altantuya case and many others. RPK doesn't just talk, he produces solid evidence and more have yet to come out. What do you have? Living in denial?
RPK is very well informed and connected, and he's brave enough to reveal name in the name of justice and risk being arrested under ISA many times.
RPK is able to relate about Islam (and many other religions) that you couldn't even understand. If you have disagreement, just voice it out - you have the right to, just as RPK has the right to put thru his opinion.
Yet, you said that he deserves to be detained under ISA. EVEN IF RPK is wrong in his comment, does he deserve ISA? And no, he does not enjoy to be detained under ISA, it is just that he is brave enough to face and defy it in the name of justice! Even many religious leaders including PAS have mentioned that ISA is Islamic. So, how good a Muslim are you?
Using ISA at present time on people who are not a threat to the COUNTRY and PEOPLE is not only unislamic but is cruel and illegal!! The cowards who conveniently use ISA on innocent people like the Sin Chew reporter, Teresa Kok and many more just to hang on to power are the actual threat to the PEOPLE and COUNTRY, don't agree? I don't expect you to openly agree, just be honest with yourself and live with conscience. RPK is right that the enemy of Islam are Muslims like YOU (not all, as there are many good ones).

Let me use your quote on you
"Please use brain. Please use conscience. If you canot differentiate something so obvious, then please get Lost."


Doc said...

sorry to bog you down with this silly question but i'm somewhat confused.
You wrote "A second habeas corpus application will also be filed to challenge the Minister’s order."
Meaning there are going to be 2 simultaneous habeas corpus applications?
In that case, wouldn't the second habeas corpus be conflicting the first?
Kindly enlighten. Thanks
P/S: pls continue publishing Leno's comments. Have some pity on himla people. He is trying his level best to convince all of us that he is the missing link between the primates and the homo sapiens, in the sense of mental development. Give him a chance will ya.

Malik Imtiaz Sarwar said...


one last comment from you, if you wish. Everyone else, no more swipes at Leno, please.


Anonymous said...

My objective is to give the opposite views. Maybe my ways of saying more like shouting but I believe it still contains facts and logic.

There are many issues here, some are white, some are black, and of course mostly grey, purple, green, silver, and many others.

Regarding ISA ~ it is the law of the land. We don't like it, then vote in the party that is willing to abolish it. Claiming the goverment is abusing ISA is like accusing the people abusing ISA. Worst still if the ISA is not abused so-called.

RPK ~ let put legal aspect aside first. Don't you agree that what RPK has written is false. The motive is so obvious which he himself stated to bring down Najib with whatever cause. If he can bring down Najib with evidence, I will be the first to thanks him. But what he had done is create lies and fiction to manipulate people. Should we let him set this precedent in the name of freedom of slandering and lying ? I am definitely one of those who will object it. With so many being willingly to be manipulated is showing we are not ready for these kind of freedom.

Legally, he should be rot in jail for contempt already .. as the recent case a Blogger being jailed 3 months in Singapore. So, what's wrong with our legal system ? Beats me. And thanks God that we still have these ISA to fall too when our legal system 'bocor' or so-called.

Regarding the Sodomist, you and me should know well enough whether Sodomist has done what he has been accused of. Of course we still need for the trial to complete before I come back and laugh ..whooaa..hoaa..haaa at some hardcore or shortsighted people.

If some people could not handle RPK lies and put him in ISA , I will not be surprised why some unable to handle the truth that the Brutal Intelligent King like me has presented to you ...of course in sarcastic ways.

whoaaaa.... hoaaa ... haaa

ps : kalau tak tahan pedas jangan makan cili ... betul tak ?

~ Leno : The Incredible Brain ~

Anonymous said...

Keep up your work. Thank you for sharing with us. I want to tell you, we have a group of at least 300 Malaysians (home and abroad)are backing you.

Anonymous said...

“KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi has agreed to consider the MIC’s appeal to release the five Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA), MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said."

Isn’t the above statement revealed that ISA detention and releases are determined by politicians and not by the police. If the Police consider them no longer a threat the police will release them. Here they are asked to be released, not by the police but by politicians.

The public know that ISA is a political tool and these chaps in UMNO think that we the public is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Malik,

Your sterling performance in court the other day would have made your dad, Prof Ghulam, a proud man indeed.

We were equally impressed with you and your team despite the prevailing circumstances.

Please do not be bothered nor distracted by any comments that is crappy in nature especially those who do so in anonymity.

You take care, Bro' and continue doing what you know and do best.

Anonymous said...

And you so fine, you blow my mind.

Anonymous said...


People like you and RPK make me proud of being a Malaysian.
And we're very proud of you, my friend. Keep this up, the people have awakened.

It is only a matter of time, LENO. Time to stock up on those adult diapers.


Anonymous said...

Pak Sheikh dan demokrasi ala 16 September…

Ada kawan-kawan yang kata kerajaan PAS Kelantan sekurang-kurangnya kena bersyukur mereka dapat hidup aman damai selepas pilihanraya umum 2004.

Ikut cakap depa tak dengar pun suasana yang kalut segala macam tak habis-habis berbulan lamanya macam sekarang.

Kalau nak kira mana boleh tahan sangat.Waktu itu bezanya cuma dua kerusi saja dengan Barisan Nasional.Lepas tu PAS tinggal satu kerusi saja bila kalah pilihanraya kecil Pengkalan Pasir.Depa dok cakap bab tu mengenangkan bagaimana kemarukya Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim nak jadi juga Perdana Menteri sampai dah masuk peringkat tak peduli apapun…asal dapat.

Cuba bilang dengan jari sekarang ni bezanya kerusi pembangkang dengan BN bukan satu,bukan dua,bukan tiga,bukan empat,bukan lima tetapi 58.Lepas tu tolak dua pasai parti SAPP di Sabah tu keluar BN… tinggal 56.

Jangan kata apa-apa beb … mana mungkin orang sehebat Pak Sheikh boleh kalah atau mengaku kalah walaupun sudah berulangkali sebelum ni keriau sana sini kata lebih 30 orang Ahli Parlimen BN sudah ada dalam gengamannya.

Aksi terbaru untuk menyapu arang yang terconteng pada imej politiknya kerana tidak tertunainya janji nak tubuh kerajaan 16 September…Pak Sheikh sudah bangun dengan desakan diadakan segera sidang tergempar Dewan Rakyat.Baginya itulah medan paling afdal untuk buat perhitungan dengan kerajaan BN siapa yang lebih power.

Ikut perkiraan Anwar…kerajaan dan semua orang kena layan segala macam karenahnya.

Macam biasa angka lebih 30 MP BN jadi ayat penyedap bicara.

Ada kawan-kawan yang tanya apa lagi tembarangnya kali ini.

Lojik cakaplah mana mungkin Anwar mahu tunggu satu saat…malah tidak satu minit pun kalau betoi-betoi dah lama lebih 30 orang Ahli Parlimen BN ada dalam poketnya.

Ada juga kawan-kawan yang sinis habis bila sentuh tentang dakwaan Anwar kata dia tak boleh umum senarai nama lebih 30 MP tu kerana takut nanti bala sekelip mata termasuk ISA akan timbul keatas mereka.

Soalnya mudah saja….contohnya siapa lagi yang boleh cover line baik melalui ISA dan segala macam tuduhan segera lain …kalau Anwar boleh bariskan serentak lebih 30 MP itu dalam satu sidang akhbar bersamanya.

Sekarang ini kalau rajin check terdapat sebilangan blog yang sudah mempermain-mainkan senarai yang disebut-sebutnya itu dengan membariskan senarai kosong dari 1 hingga angka 31.

Cuba kita semua selak balik berita Penasihat PKR itu cakap tentang bab itu sejak pilihanraya umum 8 Mac lalu.Sudah berapa kali dia punya tembak kata semua depa tu dah set lompat?

Kawan tengok cara Anwar punya cakap masa sidanng akhbar desak kerajaan BN adakan sidang tergempar Dewan Rakyat pada 23 September ini bukan main punya serius…

Fikir-fikir balik rasa rasa macam pernah dengar ayat ayat tu…masa Anwar heboh bercakap merata tempat termasuk di luar negara kata masuk saja detik 16 September kerajaan BN sudah terbenam dalam liang lahad.

Ada juga andaian popular yang berlegar sekarang kata dia saja buat desakan tu sebagai satu strategi nak cover malunya. Sebabnya kerat jari Anwar tahu sangat kerajaan BN tak akan setuju nak layan desakan itu.

Jadi dengan sendirinya bagi dia banyak waktu lagi untuk bermain dengan cerita ini.Kalau tanya alasan mudah…kerajaan tak mau buat sidang tergempar Dewan Rakyat.

Jadi jangan sekali kali underestimate Pak Sheikh dan pakar-pakar strategi sekelilingnya…mereka memang tip top dalam bab helah perang saraf ni.

Kawan dengar cerita team nya itu amat bagi perhatian berat pada indeks persepsi masyarakat.

Jadi apa saja langkah nak diambil… indeks perepsi masyarakat mesti kena ‘ campur’ padanya dan ‘ tolak’ kepada kerajaan.

Ikut ceritanya itulah juga antara tujuan mereka sibuk hantar lima pemimpin kanan mengejar MP BN di Taiwan.

Ia semata-mata nak paparkan persepsi yang mereka benar-benar serius…walaupun habuk pun tak ada dan lima mereka pulang dari Taiwan tangan kosong.

Cakap-cakap pasai benda ni semua… masa sembang-sembang ada seorang Kawan yang kata apapun kita semua patut berterima kasih pada Pak Sheikh kerana dia banyak memberi pedoman dan tunjuk ajar kepada seluruh rakyat Malaysia tentang demokrasi – ala kerajaan 16 September - yang tak jadi tu.Jadi katanya syok juga kalau katakan barisan pembangkang yang diterajui Anwar boleh berkuasa.

Ye lah bukan senang nak dapat peluang banyak benda yang kita boleh buat bebas sebebasnya.

Katanya yang pertama sekali mereka yang bakal dihadapkan ke mahkamah atas apa tuduhan sekalipun tidak perlu bimbang dan gundah sangat macam dulu-dulu.

Kita sekarang bercakap tentang kepimpinan melalui teladan…tengok sudah bagaimana Anwar handle dan buat bising pasal kes dakwaan liwatnya.Jangan bimbang kena apa saja tuduhan …banyak cara boleh mempertikaikannya.

Kalau orang politik boleh buat ceramah,kempen dan roadshow.

Apa perlu nak risau bersepah “Mahkamah Rakyat’ boleh dibuka menjelang perbicaraan sesuatu kes.

Yang penting kena kreatif dan pandai bikin gempak.

Agensi-agensi penguatkuasa seperti polis,Badan Pencegah Rasuah dan lain-lain jangan buat main-main nak dakwa dakwi senang-senang.

Tengok sudah dalam kes dua Exco Kerajaan Negeri PKR kerajaan negeri Perak yang kena cekup pasal kes rasuah.

Ini sejarah beb …belum pernah berlaku macam ni. Menteri Besar Perak boleh keluar kenyataan bagi kata dua minta BPR dan media yang buat liputan minta maaf kerana menjejaskan imej kedua mereka.

Seronoknya dalam depa dok cakap tinggi melangit pembangkang benci rasuah - bila kena batang hidung sendiri… lompat tak bertangga.

Jadi bila barisan pembangkang berkuasa nanti jangan teragak-agak kasi hentam habis-habis dulu mana-mana agensi kerajaan yang nak dakwa kita tu.

Atas nama demokrasi tu juga Kawan sendiri boleh bayang macam mana nanti para penjenayah raya keling punya seronok menyambut kerajaan yang ini macam.

Jangan lupa itu baru sikit …ada senjata lain yang boleh pakai…iaitu Akuan Bersumpah.Cari kawan-kawan atau siapa saja…bayar RM5 buat Akaun Bersumpah tuduh siapa saja kita suka.

Kerajaan 16 September memang cukup minat pada Akaun Bersumpah.

Para wartawan dan blogger tak payah nak takut-takut…tulis hentam,tuduh,fitnah maki hamum ikut suka hati depa… tidak ada siapa yang larang.

Siapa yang nak cakap banyak…Bukankah laman Malaysia Today dah jadi benchmark yakni penanda aras pada kebebasan boleh tulis apa saja di negara ini.

Kalau nak tangkap boleh tanya balik… pasal apa Raja Petra boleh buat.

Lagipun Anwar selalu dabik dada dia sentiasa uphold the freedom of the press walaupun kawan-kawan budak suratkhabar semua tahu dia cukup geli dan melenting bila dengar soalan-soalan yang mengusik jiwa.

Kalau bab nak buat demonstrasi ni…tak payah permit-permit polis.Cerita kena minta permit ni kisah zaman sebelum merdeka.Buat saja tak kira masa dan tempat,pagi petang siang malam.

Apa saja yang tak puashati himpun ramai-ramai… sewa stadium…sewa dewan atau cari padang kosong.Kalau tidak kumpul ramai-ramai..naik sepanduk..arak sana..arak siri.

Bila datang pilihanraya umum jangan pula nak susah hati takut pasal kalah menang.Tak cukup undi kata ada pengundi hantu.Cukup undi dan menang lima negeri pun kata ada pengundi hantu.

Tak boleh tubuh kerajaan apa nak sudah hati.Bukankah kita boleh bising dan bising dan bising selagi termampu kata ramai YB di pihak kerajaan dah terhegeh-hegeh nak melompat.

Tak melompat pun kata saja nak melompat…siapa yang peduli.Dalam demokrasi apa kita cakap orang kena dengar.

Dalam dok sibuk tak tentu hala nak berebut buka kerajaan 16 September ada kawan yang kata cuba hang tengok ada nampak apa-apa perubahan besar dak di lima negeri yang ditawan pembangkang masa pilihanraya umum 8 Mac.

Dia tanya ada dak benda-benda yang rakyat negeri tu boleh lompat sampai ke bumbung punya seronok.

Kalau nak ikut manifesto dan janji pilihanraya dah bergemerlapan punya senang lenang depa di negeri-negeri tu.

“Aku tak nampak apa sangat…cuba hang cerita mai kot-kot aku tertinggai tak baca surat khabar.”kata kawan yang seorang lagi.

Katanya ini cerita bagi air percuma…letrik percuma kat orang sikit sebanyak cuma nak bagi syok awal-awal saja.

Itupun macam di Selangor sampai nak goyang satu negeri punya riuh…baru nak buat.

Kalau selak balik manifesto depa tu banyak lagi yang belum tertunai dan belum nampak bayang akan tertunai.

Mungkin depa nanti bagi alasan baru enam bulan lebih.Itulah ayat standard.

Syoknya dalam bergudang janji yang belum tertunai tu..Pak Sheikh boleh pusing keliling lagi janji dan terus janji.

Kawan: tak pernah terfikir ada orang kemaruk nak jadi PM sampai begitu sekali

-Agenda Daily

Anonymous said...

Dearest Malik,

Please ban or delete comments from that puerile idiot who dares to come into your website to dish out the excrement from his so-called self-agrandised brilliant brain.

This fool is actually adulterating the sanctity of a decent website, that is yours. You have been very magnanimous but from the comments that you have seen thus far, the majority simply do not agree or subscribe to his two Rupiahs worth.

That Leno can take his brilliant brain and go try fly his kite elsewhere. We don't want to be privy to his brand of qualified right of freedom of expression. I know you did not give him that right, did you?

He should start his own blog whereby he may end up chasing only "flies" due to the lack of hits after all the excrement that he daringly spewed thus far. I am trying my level best to be decent in language here.

Take care Bro' and kindly do the needful. Thanks again for that brilliant piece of argument in court which was exemplary until this fool can into the picture. May God Bless and Protect You and Your Family Always.

Anonymous said...

How come so-called social activist NGOs like Amnesty International Malaysia have been quiet and non-active in the efforts to abolish the ISA/call for RPK’s release? Where is their famous activism? Is this because they know something the public doesn’t or have they been paid off to shut up? JR

Siti Kasim said...


I must say that I am utterly amused with Leno's rantings. He is trying to goad and tickle everybody's sense of humour. Alas, nobody is taken by it.

Please don't stop his comments Malik. Let him put down his views for our entertainment. The more he writes, the more entertaining it becomes as we can picture what kind of man he is... After all, he has his right to be heard too, no matter how crude or despicable his views are.

Well done for all your efforts in fighting for Human Rights, Malik. You are the true Knight in Shining Armour for Human Rights.

Your sister-in-arms..

CHIA, Chin Yau said...

Hello! anonymous @ 9:50am aka Leno

Why not leave your name or email contact atleast?

Why hide behind the screen and throw out words that irritate everyone?

RPK, like it or not, like others under ISA, deserves a fair trial in open court.

Is RPK a Hero or otherwise is none of my concern. It is the way law is interpreted to the Authority's advantage that irks me.

However, I see nothing else in your post but personal attacks, Again I am asking, why not show your full name if you are stand firm on your claim and take full responsibility on what you have written?

CHIA, Chin Yau said...

Sorry MIS, use your space again.

Hey Leno,

Developed countries have ISA equivalent does not mean that it can be used at will.

So RPK deserves ISA simply because he lied? Have you ever lie? If yes, then you should be detained as well.

If no, then you are the most honest man on earth that you should be Prime Minister of Malaysia if not the ruler of the Universe. However, if you are such an important figure, why wasting so much time taking air? Do something la! The country is nearly dead economically, the world economy is collapsing if you don't pay attention, then all of us die standing!

why borak here?

I got no job, so I can, you are too important, you cannot!

The Phoenix Foundation said...

U were/are absolutely correct in your logic ,before Dato Suriayah, when u pushed the arguement that S73{ISA} is the basis of the S8 Order and therefore should be examined.Just as Dato Suriady had done earlier.
It is not academic - events hay have overtaken the application{1st} but even the events are mala fide and based on a S73 explaination
I have been looking at further S 86 & S 87 of The Courts of Judicature Act,1964 - The Federal Court, as stated in Megat Nagmuddin's case , should {I say should} be able to review the Habeas Corpus.
The Court of Law is to resolve/settle/consider , principles of law based on facts & events - no matter if other events have "overtaken".
I must note that the first 20 minutes of your submission, we were all biting our finger nails as it was obviously an uphill battle.
BUT I believe the collective & silent prayers of all of us present, was directed at you & Dato Suriyah ,to at least hear the "logic" had its effect and thus the LEGAL BATTLE began!
Kudus, Malik Imtiaz & also to Ashok Kandiah & your young assistant{he look as anxious!!}
Way to go!
If The Phoenix Foundation can be of assistance, pls holler!

The Phoenix Foundation said...

U were/are absolutely correct in your logic ,before Dato Suriayah, when u pushed the arguement that S73{ISA} is the basis of the S8 Order and therefore should be examined.Just as Dato Suriady had done earlier.
It is not academic - events may have overtaken the application{1st} but even the events are mala fide and based on a S73 explaination
I have been looking at further S 86 & S 87 of The Courts of Judicature Act,1964 - The Federal Court, as stated in Megat Nagmuddin's case , should {I say should} be able to review the Habeas Corpus.
The Court of Law is to resolve/settle/consider , principles of law based on facts & events - no matter if other events have "overtaken".
I must note that the first 20 minutes of your submission, we were all biting our finger nails as it was obviously an uphill battle.
BUT I believe the collective & silent prayers of all of us present, was directed at you & Dato Suriyah ,to at least hear the "logic" had its effect and thus the LEGAL BATTLE began!
Kudus, Malik Imtiaz & also to Ashok Kandiah & your young assistant{he look as anxious!!}
Way to go!
If The Phoenix Foundation can be of assistance, pls holler!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday RPK!


(Du-du-doot, du-du-doot, du-du-doot.)
(Du-du-du-du-du-du-doot, du-du-doot, du-du-doot.)

Love him, I love him, I love him.
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I will follow him.
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I must follow him (follow him).
Ever since he touched my hand I knew,
That near him I always must be.
And nothing can keep him from me.
He is my destiny (destiny).

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He’ll always be my true love, my true love, my true love,
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I will follow him (follow him).
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There isn’t an ocean too deep,
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I love him, I love him, I love him,
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I will follow him (follow him),
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A mountain so high it can keep,
Keep me away, away from my love.

(Du-du-doot, du-du-doot, du-du-doot…)
(And where he goes I’ll) follow, I’ll follow, I’ll follow.
I know I’ll always love him, I love him, I love him.
And where he goes I’ll follow, I’ll follow, I’ll follow.
I know I’ll always love him…
[ Fade. ]

Written by: Arthur Altman, Norman Gimble, Jacques Plante, Del Roma & J.W. Stole
Performed by: Little Peggy March


“Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or corrupt. And a citizen who barters with such a state shares in its corruption and lawlessness…Every citizen is responsible for every act of his government…There is only one sovereign remedy, namely,non-violent non-cooperation.”

“Coercion cannot but result in chaos in the end.”

“One who uses coercion is guilty of deliberate violence.”

“Coercion is inhuman…”

“Non-cooperation with evil is as much a duty as cooperation with good…”

“All through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall, always.”


The fifth Prime Minister of Malaysia, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, went on the record in 1988 to state “If we want to save Malaysia and Umno, Dr Mahathir (then Prime Minister) must be removed. He uses draconian laws such as the Internal Security Act to silence his critics.” The year before, he had also stated “Laws such as the Internal Security Act have no place in modern Malaysia. It is a draconian and barbaric law.”

Anonymous said...

Dear Malik,

I think you guys are doing a great job in trying to help get RPK out - despite the insane rantings of one misreant. Keep it up!

If the minister stands to gain personally by incarcerating RPK, is he still 'qualified' to sign the order for his extended detention? As I understand it, RPK has put Syed Hamid Albar on notice that he was going to sue for defamation for Syed Hamid's pronouncement that RPK is 'the most blasphemous muslim'. Would this not make the minister's order seem like a pre-emptive strike to incapacitate RPK's move to sue the minister?



CHIA, Chin Yau said...

It is to me an attempt to deter RPK to take action against Syed Hamid.

Does this means Syed Hamid signed the order for his own interest instead of acting for the National's interest?