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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim Arrested

At 12.55 pm, outside his house. He was due to give a statement to the police at 2.00 pm.

We should remain calm and await further developments. From media reports, it would seem that Anwar Ibrahim was prepared for this and has lawyers at the ready. If he is being arrested in connection with the alleged sodomy, then he should be brought before a magistrate within 24 hours and be charged unless a remand order is obtained to allow for further investigation. The offence is bailable and I see no reasonable basis for bail being refused.

The authorities must take every care to ensure that nothing untoward occurs. We in turn should not be reactionary.



Anonymous said...

How can you say that?

There is a PRECEDENT that DSAI was bashed to within an inch of losing his life!

If in the past, the same sodomy offence was not bailable, ie he was not let out, why would he be able to be bailed out now?

Somebody should raise this point. Since Independence / Merdeka till today, let me ask, how many persons has actually even be charged for sodomy (let alone conviced), is there ONE??? EVEN ONE???

Besides DSAI! This alone tells that this is a manipulated corrupted charge

Anonymous said...

Generally we Malaysians have restrained ourselves being emotional and maintained our patience thus far. But sometimes I wonder if we are being too naive and police have taken this to their advantage.

For the whole government to conspire with authorities to take on one man called Anwar is just too much. I'm not sure about others. Though I'm not a supporter of Anwar or the opposition except for showing my concern for fairness in this country I find even myself could be extremely agitated to the extent I could think of doing some silly things to retaliate against this unfairness. I wonder how others feel.

Anonymous said...


Yup. I agree. The authorities must take an extra steps actions to prevent nothing untoward happen.

Let the justice punish the guilty.

bLosSom86 said...

i hope the truth will be revealed soon.

Anonymous said...

Although we should not be reactionary over this latest development, we can't help but fear that what you have outlined (according to the standard detention or charge procedure for such a case) may be overturned and the 1998 history repeats itself. Honestly, I have lost all trust in the police and judiciary.

Anonymous said...

Darkness descends on the New Dawn of March 8 08.
Let's pray that it will be lifted soon.


Mr. Smith said...

The reactionaries are in the BN, PDRM and the AG chambers.
They have gone mad.
Evil rules the day.But for how long?

Anonymous said...

Mr Anonymous,

Sorry to say this but DSAI is not the only man who was charged under Section 377 for sodomy. There are many others, just that their cases did not get into the main pages or highlights.

On his bail, we shall see if he is charged again in the first place, shall we not?

Arresting him with full escort and baclava wearing cops is however OVER THE TOP.

Either Hamid Albar or his Police High ranks have been watching to many HK gangster/crime./triad movie.

Totally unwarranted.

Just like Monday's episode. Like we're some goddamn Tin Pot Little African Country (to borrow a phrase from "Yes Minister" :) )


Anonymous said...

read many blogs. Your commentary on the arrest is probably one of the most sane ones.

Us Malaysians...and I am not certain why that is..we are very emotionally driven. It probably is a sign of watching many Tamil and Hindi movies.

We seem so confident that he is innocent.We ave decided the verdict and have decided the institutions are crap.

Have you ever heard of a man with many masks...ever wondered he could be in that league and we are allowing his charisma to blind our very own reason......God works in mysterious ways I always believe. My heart though goes out enormously to his wife and children.

Married people often do things without realizing whose tears are at the expense of such actions... again I say this is the general terms.....well done for your commentary

Anonymous said...

Indeed, it seems that many minds are already made up, of his innocence, and of the corrupted institutions.

As much as I hope that truth shall prevail in the end, I am highly skeptical that minds that are already decided could ever be convinced otherwise, no matter how professionally this case is handled.

I wish for the day when I could open the morning paper and see concrete plans of nation governance instead of the sickening politicking we have now.


becks said...

I don't understand it. Should not a crime be proven to have taken place first before the perpetrator is arrested? Has it already been proven that Saiful was telling the truth before Anwar was arrested? You can call a suspect in for questioning, but until he is proven guilty, he cannot be detained, right? And imagine if you will the day when all sex criminals are rounded up by balaclava-clad police!

Anonymous said...

Don't be a wimp, MIS.
Standing up against injustice is not reactionary.

Anonymous said...

the arrest was so high-profile because of precisely one reason, he is Anwar Ibrahim. that the sodomy report was lodged almost a month ago prior to this arrest might suggest that some thorough investigation have been carried out and I agreed with the commentator before me, we don't know if he's really innocent. However, I do regret the way in which he was taken in. The police has just done him a huge favour, vindicating his name (yet again) in the court of public opinion. Wan Farid said what's the difference between 20 and 50 minutes. EXACTLY, minister.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we should stay rational!
Any emotional overreaction will fall into their trap.


The hope for Malaysia is IF People understand the Rights and Laws and the Proper Procedures towards any action challenging Human Rights!

So, Rationally and Legally, People can condemned that the Police and the POWER are ABUSINGLY WRONG!


So, the Voice is not going for DSAI only but for Justice at a WHOLE!
The Voice is not for only the POWER but those involved in Manipulating JUSTICE!

Anonymous said...

The problem with politics is that, the good guy always get a good whipping. Somehow Malaysians has learned to condone injustice. There is always a mentality of "Aiyah, nothing we can do about it, let it be la. Better not get involved". This is the exact mentality that the idiotic government can take advantage of and it is really clear they are. It is as if robbing us off in super bright daylight. The wonder of it all, we allow it! The more we allow it, the braver they are to rob you more in the daylight now with salt on injuries, in front of a crowd that knows very well it is wrong and yet keep quiet!

We are all afraid of the inconveniences TRUTH brings. We are not emotional, in fact we are emotion-less.

Who the hell can believe DSAI having the time to Sodomize. I think it is hard for him to even find time answering nature's call trying to think about how this country can improve further let alone having unnatural sex somewhere else with a man.

Come on Malaysia, we can do better!

ahoo said...

Justice dies a natural death when selective prosecution is done. Whether this man is innocent or not, let the normal process take it place. Why such high handedness when dealing with 'other people' other than your camp?

What about the lingamgate? All lies by bloggers and rumours is it? How pathetic can some ministers involved in handling this case be? As long as it is not people of your own camp, just shut them up, fixed them up and at worse Kamunting them ! That's not democracy but certainly demons in them that causes demoncrazy.

Anonymous said...

Malik, can you explain from legal angle how a person can be arrested based on a complain/accusation and not another (in fact in the other case the complainer/accuser is being charged. I can't seem to reconcile this. Thank you