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Monday, April 16, 2007


We used to count our hopes
On each finger of every hand
See rainbows glint
On the sun kissed edges of
Our children’s laughter

Now, oppression
Immaculately conceived
Resonates in the silence
Of a sacrosanct introspection
Born in the space,
between heartbeats

Lie after lie
Has stabbed us with tongues of velvet
Kissed us
With the poison of insanity
As one by one
Fingers have withered, decomposed
Amputated by the eroding bitterness
Of hopes ravaged,
Laid waste
In the darkness of perversion

As one by one
Each lie
Sung to us
Seduced us
With their whispers
Of potent madness



Anonymous said...

'withered, decomposed'.. I'd hate to think that's the only state in store for us, for our hopes and dreams... no matter how true it all seems to be at times.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Malik,

This is good. You should write poems more often. Good day

Anonymous said...


We are in despair and lost, if we are at this state - what is to happen to our children?

"Of potent madness" - personal material gains and benefits have corroded out whatever man's conscience has and driven them on to "potent madness" ...

I feel a terrible sense of sadness that a selected few lives in the lap of luxury while there are many out there who barely ekes a living.

How can we be proud of celebrating 50 years of Merdeka when we just have a kid who just killed himself due to being a hard core poor?

so sad ... my heart cries for such innocent death?

How can the BN MPs consciously shout down Lim Kit Siang when he highlighted the case?

Do they still have a conscience? Can they put their head on their pillow and sleep peacefully?

sad ... sad ...

Anonymous said...

i've been reading your recent articles with interest. i just have the following to add.

it seems to me that using reasons, logic, morality, and even quoting the Qur'an itself (like Haris Ibrahim's extensive quotation and well-reasoned article), doesnt persuade or move the extremist muslims at all. they've become so SINGLE-MINDED + OBSESSED with islamicization and turning us into a Taliban regime, i doubt even if God really came down to talk to them, they won't give a damn.

is it possible that the 'moderate muslims' (IF they exist...) simply doesnt understand the mentality of the extremists??

the thing is, these extremists know how to PRIORITISE - to them, this is NOT THE TIME TO BE NICE OR FAIR to the kafir. dealing with the kafir now is akin to what the prophet was doing when dealing with his enemies in the early days of islam - the kafir belongs to the HOUSE OF WAR.

therefore, u DON'T, CAN'T, + WON'T talk 'fairness', 'justice' or 'equality' with the kafir, stupid!! all these values should ONLY b adhered to AFTER "God's religion (islam n islam alone...) has been finally established on earth," and also when muslims are dealing with muslims.

put it simply, WE ARE AT WAR WITH THE KAFIR NOW, WE CANT AFFORD TO APPLY THE 'PEACE TIME' VALUES WHEN DEALING WITH THEM. 'justice, fairness & equality'? yes, everybody is entitled to these values EXCEPT the kafir.

translated to our malaysian context today, what they are basically doing is - we must push forward with greater + faster islamicization BY WHATEVER MEANS AVAILABLE - EVEN IF THESE MEANS/METHODS/APPROACHES ARE NOT FAIR OR JUST.

BECAUSE THE END (establishment of God's kingdom on earth, ie. 'islamic state') JUSTIFIES THE MEANS.

and God will forgive, or even REWARD us mujahideens (with all the goodies we've heard so much about, like '72...', u get the idea) for doing God's work, regardless of the means. because after all, the rules + values of 'fairness & justice' are meant to establish God's kingdom on earth anyway, so they (albeit called 'values') are ONLY MEANS also, NOT ENDS in themselves, and DEFINITELY CANNOT OBSTRUCT the 'ultimate end' decreed by God - an islamic state, and eradication of all other religions from earth.

(all 'moderate muslims' should read + understand sayyid qutub's writings, by the way. it's THEOCRATIC ABSOLUTISM SUPPORTED BY/LEGITIMIZING COMMUNIST, MILITANT MEANS.)

so, doesnt matter how many people (muslims + non-muslims alike) have to suffer, or how many clear agreements or laws/'constitution' we have to breach or bend (they are WORTHLESS pieces of papers anyway, when it comes to pursuing God's decree), and doesn't matter how UGLY what we do might look to you now, AS LONG AS WE CAN GET THERE, WE'LL DO IT.

and they are VERY PATIENT. they'll wait for their opportunity to come, they'll 'infiltrate' all the positions of powers and institutions (like judiciary and military).

while all the 'moderate muslims' eat, sleep, dance, relax, sit back and watch...


Anonymous said...

i want to add that it seems to me that the ROOT of all these inhumane actions is from the so-called *Syeikhul Islam* [Leader of Islam], Ibn Taimiyyah.

all these obsessive-compulsive actions by the so-called islamic authorities r based on his 13th century siege-mentality & idea of 'ENJOINING THE RIGHT, FORBIDDING THE WRONG'.

hence, they believe that it's their DUTY OWED TO GO to force 'muslims' (practising or not) to remain a muslim n to go through 'rehabilitation' n what not, BY WHATEVER MEANS THEY HAVE. to them, like i said earlier, the end justifies the means.

after all, what's 3 years' (maximum power given to islamic authorities, i've been told) 'rehabilitation & counselling' (to make the 'lost' children REPENT) compared to DEATH to apostates (which they believe is prescribed by God)????
to them, this is WAY TOO LENIENT ALREADY.

the thing is (this is my firm belief), the SOURCE of all these 'crap' HAS BEEN IDENTIFIED.
(n see the banner on top of walski's site about the 2004 Fatwa).

so, as far as the ideological warfare is concerned, 'moderate muslims' r not fighting a moving/shifting target.

it might not b easy, but all that is needed to b done now is to concentrate efforts on BOYCOTTING n ROOTING OUT all those who propagate Ibn Taimiyyah's or his disciples' teachings (including Muhammad ibn Abd al Wahhab, founder of the Wahhabis; & the Egyptian Sayyid Qutub), n to ensure that they DO NOT occupy any position of power or teaching (from the Perak Mufti to madrassas).

'moderate muslims' r not required to fight a guerilla ideological warfare now. they don't need to find how were all these extremists produced n where they 'came from'. they shouldn't b 'confused' anymore about how this EPIDEMIC came to develope within the ummah.

but it seems that the muslim community as a whole r not willing to take concrete action to TARGET n ELIMINATE this VIRULENT STREAM OF THINKING in Islam from malaysia, while on the other hand let it INFECT the entire muslim community (within & beyond malaysia) n equate itself with 'Islam' in its entirety.

now, it has come to a stage that in the mind of the popular muslim masses, this 'IT' virus has become EQUATED with Islam, the Qur'an n the Prophet - if not ABOVE them all. the IT school's interpretation of the Qur'an n worldview has become the primary source of reference for most young muslims n conservative ulamas today, turning all of their thinkings MILITANT.

so, the question now is - what r muslims going to do about it???
to let the 'IT' VIRUS to further spread into the schools, to poison the mind of our younger generations?

if all these VIRULENT, DIVISIVE & INHUMANE thinking & actions r wrong n unacceptable, then what r the 'moderate' muslims waiting for???

Veena Pillai said...

Thats beautiful.

I was inspired...

Darkness of poetry
Connects us
The beauty is in the blindness of the bond

Abstraction fills our souls
But we are tied-
With our words

The heart of a poet
Can forever be changed
By a single verse.