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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Vote For Change

There is a remarkable effort underway to reclaim Malaysia for its citizens. Conventional race-based politics have left many of crippled, especially in our "first past the post" electoral system. The problems affecting us are many but most, if not all of them, stem from the fact that Malaysians vote on race or political parties rather than on issues. As such, many critical issues have been left unaddressed or have been exarcebated by a political system aimed at ensuring status quo rather than dealing with the evolution of Malaysia.

'The Peoples' Parliament' is an initiative aimed at breaking convention. It is aimed at ensuring that legislators act responsibly as they must in a government by the people, for the people. It is aimed at ensuring that legislators represent the interests of the rakyat as they should rather than the interests of their particular political parties, opposition or government. A fantasy? Go here to see for yourself whether we can make this dream, a Malaysian dream, the reality that it should be.

Vote for change. We owe it to ourselves.


PS Watch this space for Project Malaysia: An Experiment In Nation Building


Elanor said...

Thank you for your posts; it is always a pleasure to read them.

Totally off-tangent, you might find this a bit interesting.

And I found out that your latest blog title is similar to mine.

Have a good weekend,

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