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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Free RPK: The Appeal

As you are aware, the Home Minister appealed the decision of Justice Syed Helmy. The appeal is scheduled for hearing at the Federal Court in Putrajaya on 11th February 2008, 9.00 am. We had asked for a panel of five or seven judges (as opposed to the usual three) in view of the legal significance of the issues involved. Our request was refused and the appeal will presumably be determined by a panel made up of three judges.

It is the Home Minister's appeal and as such, the Government will have to convince the court that the High Court erred in law or fact. Counsel for Raja Petra will have the task of defending the correctness of the decision.



Unknown said...

As with the case of dengue epidermic,it is near impossible to seek out each and every of the aedes mosquitoes and killed them.The solution is to seek the refuge and breeding place of these vermins and destry them.
Similarly trying to get justice done in this country is an uphill task.It is easier we destroy the umno den where evils have its birth.

Unknown said...

I really couldn’t understand why RPK is deemed to be a threat to the country.

While I totally disagree with this man in most issues, but to label him as a threat to the country is actually an act of being afraid of one own shadow.

Raja Petra normally speaks without thinking. When he thinks, he normally ends up with over the top made up stories.

But being a good story teller, he talks convincingly; although the ‘facts’ presented can be very misleading.

Just put him on the stand in Altantuya case; I can bet that instead of pinning Najib and his wife, we’ll end hearing that most of his claims were made on dreamlands.

His problem has always been unable to stop and stick at the truth…he got a kick in spicing up things.

But then again, being Anwar’s Chief Coolies doesn’t make you a threat to any country.

To detain him is the actual threat - to freedom and democracy.

Life won't be this interesting without him.


Unknown said...

Syed Hamid said today, ‘Don’t regard criminals as heroes’.

I have two things to say to this man;

1) Being human, the least he could do is to say sorry to the family. It won’t make him any less human and dignified to do so.

2) We couldn’t call murderers as protectors either.

Starmandala said...

That Humpty-Dumpty home minister is desperately trying to save his face & reassert his eroded authority. This will be yet another test of the judges' impartiality. Let us pray that they are individuals who know the meaning of honour, integrity & natural justice.

Paul Wong said...

Sir, Has the Home Minister once again stepped out of line? In the first instance when RPK was freed by the High Court Judge, why was the Home Minister not punished for abusing his powers? Is he above the law? Is he God?

Anonymous said...

Everytime syed albar opens his mouth, shit comes out. At next general election, people are going to vote umno out JUST TO GET RID OF THIS STUPID BOTAK.

Donplaypuks® said...

They can appeal the case against RPK but not Baginda Razak's strange acquital?

Shows the double standards being practised, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

trust you & capable team will rise to the occasion again & get our RPK off...

Malik Imtiaz Sarwar said...


the names of the judges making up the panel have not been disclosed. This is the usual practice of the courts. We will find out on the day of the hearing.