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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This is a photograph of the Sultan Ismail Petra Silver Jubilee Mosque in Rantau Panjang, Kelantan. It is still being completed but you can see why it is being referred to as the 'Pagoda Mosque'. Maverick has a blog post on the mosque (I lifted the photo from it). The NST has a story on it too, the mosque seems to have found favour with tourists.

A picture is worth a thousand words, they say. This one says that Islam does not belong to any one community, it has room for all.

My fervent hope is that our acceptance of diversity goes beyond architecture and tourist attractions.



Bitcoin badger said...

To make the steps forward even further, your acceptance of diversity should go beyond Islam as well.

Anonymous said...

Its painful sometimes when people don't see outside the box. Non-Malay Muslims are often ridiculed and belittled for being who they are. Let us just accept everyone for all their beliefs without being judgemental.

Maverick SM said...

Thank you, Imtiaz for linking this article to my blog.

I agree with you that such acceptance of diversity goes beyond plain architecture and tourist. It is more of co-existence and sharing of values, rather than dogmatism and isolation/division of the society at large.

What's more to my appreciation is that this mosque is approved by the PAS Islamic Govt.

mei1 said...

Thanks for the posting. I really thought that was a Chinese temple before reading the lines. It's simply unbelievable that it's actually built in the state of Kelantan.
Isn't it a good sign for the nation that a religious-oriented political party like PAS is more open-minded in accepting the pluralism of the country? I personally feel that it's really a giant step forward to PAS.

Pratamad said...

RPK has been so successfully instilled the very positive image of Muslims and Islam among the non-Muslims. Now that he is incarcerated, you should help to fill the void, to be the conscience and forward looking Muslim. This post is a good step. Bravo!

I just want to repeat that, as a non-Muslim, I know full well that Islam and Muslims are much much more (better) than what those UMNO bigots have directly and indirectly projected to Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

I like your sentence "... Islam does not belong to any one community, it has room for all ..."