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Tuesday, May 13, 2008


In my post 'The Politics Of Compromise' I questioned the levels of the Barisan government's commitment to judicial reform. The New Straits Times ran a report yesterday (Najib: Lingam report decision still pending) which included a reference to Mukhriz Mahathir (who's views I will take as representing some quarters in UMNO) as follows:

"On judicial reforms which Abdullah proposed in April, Mukhriz said: "Reforms are good but I also need to be convinced that the judicial reforms will make us win the next election, because I don't see how reforms will bring back confidence to Barisan Nasional."

"If we don't solve issues like rising oil and consumer goods prices, I don't think we'll win the elections."



meesh said...

He, and like you say some of them in there, have totally lost the plot. It's all about party politics, party success, and gaining back the public's support or rather the perception of the public that they're still the same ol trusty BN/UMNO.

What they don't seem to understand is, no one in the larger sphere seems to be solving anything. The food crisis still goes on, we're not finding out ways to get more supplies, instead we're just throwing money at the problem and expecting it to go away. The judiciary still sits in pieces, corruption and police abuse are still going on. Politicians are still arrogant as all hell, parliamentary debates are just as stupid, and freedoms continue to be impinged upon. What change exactly are they talking about?

Public perception is at its lowest right now. People are wishing they voted them completely out! They are sore losers when not in power, think BALKIS, think the suggestion of not allowing the MOUs to be continued in all 5 states (which they decided against, thank God), think effective denials... and they're so busy trying to win a place in the sun that they've forgotten us.

It's just even worse than before! And the Pakatan are just the same, I'm sorry. Defections? That's not the way you put in a democracy! Who are these people to be trading their loyalty around! I've spoken to the older people in my family, and even they who voted Opposition, told me they'd feel really disgusted with PKR if the defections were encouraged, and it happens. That's going to be a PR crisis on its own!

Two wrongs don't make a right. The one reason we voted the BN out this time was because we were sick of the usual BS. And now PR turns around and does the same? I'm generalizing a little here, but even in the debates, and on their blogs, they have this "Well BN did this before!" attitude! And as a voter, I would RATHER they don't take that stance! We voted them out 'cos they did ridiculous things like that! It's so frustrating to see the same thing happening again!

Sigh. Sorry Im, I'm just really annoyed.

Donplaypuks® said...

Why am I not surprised that Maha Firaun Jedi Darthvader Mark II thinks that justice should be plea bargained for votes?

Nothing is sacred and everything is up for negotiations!

There is here, also a tacit admission as to who (BN)is responsible for compromising the integrity of our judiciary, is there not?

Was it a slip of the tongue from a novice first term politician?

What a b...s up!!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

There will be the hierarchy of needs to be satisfied
Starting at the bottom with the most basic needs
Yet all wrongs eventually have to be properly ratified
After all the hungry mouths have their share of feeds

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng - 130508
Tue. 13th May 2008.

Steven Foong said...

There is something fundamentally very flawed of UMNO politicians as human beings. To them every action must be predicated by political expediencies, not by what is right.

They have no aspirations beyond retaining a hegemonic hold on power.

CK said...

i was baffled reading tat.

so, the reform should be done only to win election.

rakyat is not in the equation.

whichever faction is not important anymore. it's the same. UNMO should be left to die.

Anonymous said...

I doubt there will be any reforms in our justice system with UMNO led government. Unless there is a major change of personalities within the political party, there may be some hope.

Ahmad said...

Clearly the current BN goverment is saying alot of thing but the actions that follow are very slow.
Yet, they keep stressing that they hear the 'rakyat' and learn from their mistakes, but I am still not conviced. It will take a lot of actions for them to win the next election.

Pratamad said...

Very evidence that BN indeed does not take the nation's interest at heart. Whatever action and decision to be taken is on the consideration of power and favour to BN.

Thanks for catching this!!!

Anonymous said...

Reforming might not entirely recapture voters towards BN, but it is one step la that can be done to aide in doing that. *entah*

Nothing wrong with trying to fix what is wrong kot. It shows that those people up there mungkin lah kan, listening to the rakyat.

mei1 said...

Well, he may be true to certain extent that justice is not as crucial as bread and butter of the rakyat considering that there're still many people who don't even know what judiciary crisis is. On the other hand, it's sad to see that the mindset of these people hasn't changed much after the debacle in the recent GE. What these people really concern is the vested interest rather than the progression & the betterment of the country.

tony -stand-up philosopher said...

I once read somewhere that a greedy father will have thieves as children. Values are never a part of their up-bringing.

Donplaypuks® said...

Dear Mei

Muk cannot be true to any extent. These 'bread & butter issues' have been totally adopted by LKY and forced upon Singaporeans who are seen by many as eunuchs!

But in 1776 one man cried 'as for me, give me liberty or give me death' and brought forth a nation that is the only superpower in the world today. Not exactly, the perfect situation, but would M'sians refuse that status to settling for 'bread & butter?'

We compromise on integrity at our own peril.

MlleMonster said...

Its just a very unfortunate remark that betrays just what BN post- election is now all about. Surely, surely Muhkriz can see that such a statement can do nothing but set BN back even more.

Just when things are beginning to move forward.

DIASPORA said...

It is said ' Whom the Gods wish to destroy - They make Them mad first".

Such appears to be scenario in the ranks of the UMNOPUTRAS, the MIC PUTRAS and the MCA PUTRAS. They are all running around creating confusion after confusion whist the PAKATAN sits idly by and watches what is going on.

We now already have the Name of the next Dy PM of the Ruling Party at that point of time. Now things will start to get more interesting.

The present Dy PM somehow seems to remind one of Shakespeare's McBeth and Alantuya as McDuff. Students of English Literature about 40 years ago would well have memorised McBeth. Lady McBeth wonders if all the perfumes of Arabia could erase the smell from her hands. Any clues?

Old Fart said...

If he thinks he is his father's son, sad to say, he is far from it. He slowly but surely is becoming a jester in the court!