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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Whatever Happened To Francis Udayappan?

Enough excuses. The Prime Minister has admitted to not having done enough to put in place the reforms he had promised. Admitting the failure is one thing, doing something about it is another.

April 16th is the anniversary of the astounding disapperance and death of Francis Udayappan. On this day in 2004, he had supposedly fled from police custody. It took a month to locate the body when it was fished out of the Klang river without its head, the identity of the body being confirmed by an inquest about two years later. This inquest returned an open verdict - insufficient evidence to establish cause of death - but ruled out foul play, something Francis' family has insisted took place. A High Court challenge was filed but to date remains unheard.

If the Prime Minister is serious about wanting to make Malaysians believe that his government cares, then an Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC) must be established as a priority. The IPCMC must be the kind of independent and empowered body the 'Royal Commission to Enhance the Operation and Management of the Royal Malaysia Police' recommended to the Prime Minister in 2005. This was after the Commission had heard testimony on amongst other things police brutality and corruption.

Malaysians have heard excuses and distractions but have seen precious little movement. Such inaction only goes to show the continuing disrespect for the memory of Francis Udayappan and all that he represents.

As G Sara Lily commemorates the loss of her son today, her anguish inconsolable and deepening, we cannot lose sight of that fact. Her tears are a reminder of the kind of wrongs and injustices this Government has allowed to occur and continues to through its inaction.

They are a reminder of why we must be vigilant and continue to lead the nation by our hearts and minds. On March 8th, we reclaimed the nation to ourselves. This nation belongs to us, not to the Barisan, not to the Pakatan. We must continue to show those who do not care, who would allow the inflicting of harm on any one of us that that they have no place amongst those who lead us.

A prayer for Francis, a prayer for all who have suffered at the hands of unjust aggressors and continue to do so.


The Malaysiakini report 'Francis Udayappan remembered' can be read here.


Anonymous said...

i saw the pic here...
poor thing

Anonymous said...

This is one of the cases that proves LOT OF TALK and practically LOT OF IGNORES!

Where can Malaysia or Malaysian go?
Cases with lack of Discipline, Rules & Regulations, Monitoring and Rectifying!!

The Mind, the Mouth and the Hands cannot be found in ONE piece!

SIGNS!!!! for those Professional & Ethical Lawyers like Malik!
SIGNS!!!! as an ordinary people depending on the Peace of Mind to move on!
SIGNS!!! as a Victim of Housing depending on Land & Housing to resume the Rights of a Home!
SIGNS!!! as a Victim of Judiciary System - the Lawyers & the Judge, to have grievances straightened up!

What had happened to the Systems of Malaysia?
This is the Cause of the Effect onto People like Francis!!

Anonymous said...

I am referring to cases of Subang Ria Park and Wangsa Baiduri Project to go without Clubs and other facilities!
mingled with Defamation and Adverse Possession!

They are close to or more than 20years!!

Anonymous said...

I can sympathise with G Sara Lily's anguish.

So sad to hear of such brutal and tragic deaths, where loved ones will always be haunted by the injustice.

It doesn't mean lesser known commoners should receive lesser justice.

Hope Zaid is aware that this is the other item on his to-do checklist.

Anonymous said...

Dear Freedom Fighters, both Online & Offline...

I have been supporting the boycott the newspapers initiative for sometime & I have done my push & pull marketing rather we'll around my circle of family, friends & contacts. A few have stopped buying, some don't already. A lot whom still want to purchase the papers, I passed on the info - which was the worst in all mediums & urged them to switch to the least worst. For English papers, the worst was the The Star (Spinning & BN coverage). Data can be found on the People's Parliament.

Now, the story. I have noticed that some, are still purchasing the newspapers, especially "The Star" every now & then, especially on Saturdays for... "The Recruitment Section!"

So, I urge all those whom support this cause to pass the word. Only get your recruitment information online. Do not purchase the msm & even browse through it.

PR & others (mid-long term effort), get more beginner computer classes up. Teaching people to use the comp, get the news, browse & apply for jobs, using the email, etc. Keep the fees very low, give it free to the very poor, catch the young, educate! PR, set up a IT centre in the poor areas, with news printed out & pasted there regularly. Put up a few PCs with internet connections for the poor to share & use for free during office hours.

Check out MT article "My Version of the Truth" by RPK, for some related info.

Thanks, please pass the word!

Mr. Smith said...

So, is there any merit in Amnesty's "secret execution" allegation against Malaysia?
Hindraf had justification in what it did. And Indians had justification in voting against BN.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for making us all remember. And let us not forget that it could have easily been any of us.

Anonymous said...

I remember, Malik.
Keep this up. We can't afford to have such unexplained and unexamined cases on our conscience.

Nyawa orang Malaysia murah sangat ke?

Anonymous said...

thank you to MIS for remembering a fellow malaysian who lost his life to police brutality. We need to show MORE actions or campaigns on police brutality and continue to push for IPCMC. The Altantuya case too comes under this category. We need to put up a campaign like "justice for francis udayyapan/altantuya " to begin with!!! what d'ya say MIS? You have my support -