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Sunday, March 9, 2008




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Aptly sir. I concur!!!

kualalumpur@1954 said...


We should now go forwards and free the local elections - only then the man on the street, the ratepayers etc are really free. This should be the target of the peoples movement.

Anonymous said...


Drinks soon? Easier finding you in your blog than over the phone.

Anonymous said...

Finally a new dawn to malaysian politics....We should start celebrating merdeka on 8th March of every year from now on :) I just hope that the newly elected MB's YB's would walk the talk...

Anonymous said...

You told AP:

"At a time when the country is crumbling around us we have to watch his lovey-dovey going-ons with his wife," said Malik. "People don't want to see a lovable teddy bear. They want a tough leader."

The country was crumbling around us? Your perception; perhaps YOUR world was crumbling around YOU. People want a tough leader? Like Mahathir? You weren't always such a self-serving hypocrite. Power corrupts, eh?

Malik Imtiaz Sarwar said...


why don't you tell us your name since this appears to mean so much to you.

Tough does not mean unfair or unjust or aggressive. My world, which happens to be the world in which we all live in, is crumbling around our ears. Corruption is bleeding the country dry, politics has been prioritized to an extent where true governance does not mean much anymore and rhetoric and empty promises had worn thin. My comment, quoted by AP, was made in the context of a bigger explanation that the PM inherited a country ridden with problems. He appeared to have done very little to address these problems, relying on rhetoric and posturing, and seems to have been distracted by a lot of things happening in his life. I wish him well but, being appointed as he did at a time of crisis (and yes, we are in a crisis), he had to be firm and decisive. We did not see that kind of leadership.

As for self-serving and power, I am not sure what you mean.


Unknown said...

Yes Merdeka is a perfect description for what i am feeling now!

Malik, i remember hearing you speak a year ago . For me, attending that event was the start of my political awakening, specifically the need for me as a Malaysian to take responsibility for the future of this country.

What started as a simple message from you i.e. denying the BN 2/3 majority has now become a reality and renewed my hope that we are heading in the right direction together.

I thank you for that, and i hope we continue this march towards a Malaysia that all of us will be proud to be part of.

> Btw, my reading of your comments in AP is consistent with the explanation you provided above.

pundit said...

I was born much after Independence in 1957.

Post GE2008/PRU 12,this might come close to what it must have been like on 31st Aug 1957, no?

Merdeka! indeed :)


myop101 said...

Dear Imtiaz,

I am still dazed by it. Somehow, this goes further than what I expected. I am so glad my parliament and state reps are no longer BN.

No more 2/3 majority, PGCC and Penang outer ring road to be removed, NCER on the way out. Hahaha....


Anonymous said...

Quite a relief watching the results of the election from London despite not being able to vote. Way to go Malaysia!!

Amir Muhammad said...

A book!

Anonymous said...

stands only when People are provided with a Fair ground to Talk and Walk!
A Fair Ground with Human Rights to be fairly prescribed and protected and a fair system to protest if not!

The Election System is the basis to go!
Can it be fair as described in

MERDEKAI only starts when People knows rationally what are Fair and to be among the parties involved!
So, MERDEKAI could be for ALL with a relationship with Rights and Obligation to be involved.
Only a Transparent, Accountable and Efficient Government be the Public Servants, then People can really enjoy Merdekai instead of in a Colony of Cronies!!
Until the Cronies be removed, Merdekai has never really arrived yet!

Anonymous said...

This is truly the best thing that has ever happened to Malaysia since independence! Yes! It is! Now, no longer the BN packed politicians will take the public for a ride, thinking that we are stupid enuff to believe in whatever they say!

I pray and hope that the Opposition lot will prove that they are truly here to serve the people and the people alone!

I feel so relieved, the Sunday morning (9/3), even the sun shone brighter! ;-)

Old Fart said...

Merdeka for the Liberated States of Malaysia!

Tourism Guide: You may now drive from Kuala Lumpur all the way to Kota Baru and Tumpat in Kelantan and the Thai Border in Kedah through the Liberated States of Malaysia without having to go into the other states!

Anonymous said...

Sean E

PLEASE STOP any further Campaign by Bersih!
As Bersih cannot proved they can work through any Points they raised for a Clean & Fair Election.
They cannot even act on One EC Chief who is BIAS and non-independent!

REFORM OF EC has to be done by amendment of Constitutions and Laws in Parliament!

Only thing can be done is let those 5 States set a Model for a Clean and Fair Local Election starting with
1) a Fair Delineation according to the no. of Municipal Governments
2) No. of Representatives proportional to population
3) Rights to vote and nominated as Candidates restricted to only residents of that Constituency to avoid parachuting of Voters & Candidates.
4) Except Mayors or a few, those Elected Representatives are to monitor and not to take up official posts.
5) The Electoral Roll should be from the IC Department for the Local Election Committee to audit.
The Roll can be used for the later GE when similar law can be amended in the Constitution.
So, at least the 5 states could clean-up the Electoral rolls for next GE and set better example for what can be done.

Anonymous said...

"As for self-serving and power, I am not sure what you mean."

"Power": The power to topple governments on the basis of contempt and prejudice.

"Self-serving": Your role in this travesty.

Another: "Hypocrisy": To effect this sort of change, this sordid destruction, and then claim impotence.

Anonymous said...

"why don't you tell us your name since this appears to mean so much to you."

Damn right it means so much to me. But those who crap on the establishment can freely remain anonymous, while those who criticise you should identify themselves? Why?

Or maybe it doesn't mean so much to all the other nameless pundits here?