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Friday, December 14, 2007

In Solidarity

We are, in ways small and great,
The figures, the myths and legends
That we ourselves have invented.
Our dreams are self-portraits.
Our myths, our heroic legends,
Are the concealed autobiography
Of the human race
And its struggles
Through darkness to light
And through higher darkness again.

('Mental Fight', Ben Okri)


Anonymous said...

To Those in Dark for Light to come!
Giants and Dwarfs not by own says
but side by side their acts!
by the walks each take!
With foreground background to match!

How one thinks could be secret
but cannot hide the tricks
when step by step lay the tracks!

A good flower not only to be seen
but fragrance in the air!
Even in the dark it smells
in the mind it swells!

Quiet in the night with heart beats around
Cold in the air but warmth it sounds!
Only human being can found
Only those with heart and soul can announce!
Tear drops or blood drips in the sound!
Tear drops or blood drips echoes around!!

Welcome Human Beings on board!
The ship of HR to sail!

meesh said...

That was a beautiful poem you posted. And a very cute picture. Through higher darkness again? How apt. Hopefully, light awaits and stays. For a long time.

Anonymous said...

we dont stand a chance

Anonymous said...

Mom & Kid walk hand in hand
when the man is away!

Where is Papa now?
He is pathing the roads for everyone!
So he is a road-maker?
And, Why for everyone?

He is a lawyer, a socialist!
He is helping everyone to walk in harmony
with Rights and dignity.
Like roads for cars for everyone
with signs and lights for Left and Right!
For big, small, fast and slow!
so in good order the cars could flow.
To destinations everyone chose!
so for work and pleasure far or close!
Kids can enjoy with Papa & Mama most!

The voice from Mama dimmed
When the road of return be cleared?
Eyes flushed but down the throat run the Tears!

Silence in the air
the kid happily stroll
the road Papa has a role!

Anonymous said...

Rise above
Go beyond
Limits are nothing but milestones in life...

We need to rise above our races, look beyond our religion...only then we stand a chance to unite!

Anonymous said...

A Chance to Get HR Right?
Rights not to be given but realized!
Rights to be demanded and specified!
Rights only there when everyone care to look and admired!
Or being lost so to desire!

Road not built in one day
unless one starts a draft
with many specifications to lay
with opinions from many to say
to be built by many a days
and to be used by many days after days!

Many could fail with no chance
if no one dare to touch!

The Bullies have hurt not those caught but many that understand the cause!
Those bullies cannot steal the feeling of those hearts!
Those hearts have melt into a much bigger heart that are growing invisibly strong and tough!

Have you seen fibers in a rope?
Without a fiber to start, any rope?
At least 5+31 fibers worked
so many fibers are turning into ropes!

Anonymous said...

This is a free country my child
See the poster over there
Man against nature
With ingenuity he will triumph

This is a free country my child
If we cannot succeed
we will try again
But the world is also free my child
We shall take a ride to the new country my child

This is a free country my child
We shall free ourself from this country