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Friday, October 19, 2007

Forgive Me

Forgive me, God
I looked into the Quran today,
I really looked.

Found nothing to support racism, corruption
Or the breaching of sacred trust
I read verses, I read between them
And no matter how much I tried,
I could not find anything about it being alright
to lie, cheat, steal and
to hurt, really hurt, people.
Injustice, it seems,
is not mandatory
is not permissible

I looked in the Quran today,
I really looked
And I did not find Malaysia

But then, who am I
To dare read and presume understanding,
Who am I to have the audacity to believe.
Who am I to think, to appreciate
what God expects of me,
all by my sorry self
when I was obviously given only
half a mind, and half an intellect
Safely esconced with the ulama,
the other halves lie there,
waiting for eternity
My passport to Heaven

Forgive me, God
For reading
Forgive me, God
For believing enough
to want to believe
Forgive me, God
For thinking that the Quran
was for me

I looked into the Quran today,
I really looked because I thought
that was what You wanted of me

I am sorry



Tracy Tan said...

thank you for looking into the Quran.....

Anonymous said...

A very good poem - it summarises what most rakyat feel.

Anonymous said...

From the space I look
The sea be blue or green
The land be dark or still
I see no bee
nor the wind to breeze.

Flying in the air
I take the lift by the drift
punching thru the cool
or the warmth along the drift.

I land on the green
It is grass that I can feel
Up to the branch it is the tree that I have missed.
And, the bee is in the breeze!

Why not in the Space but in the field?
On the ground it gives the feel
on top of what I see!

Next to me not only bee but beast and we all breathe!

Anonymous said...

Quran is still
and need a heart to steer.

A heart with pure
not with grid to cheat or steal!

No race or Malaysia
as it should be for any man to read
to behave and not to mislead
or it is no more Quran
but a tool for Quorum.

We see the Quran today
but where are those hearts to steer?

Not we can see
but we all can feel
The hearts are not there to steer!

Anonymous said...

wow ! really beautiful and touching. Should write more poetry.

Anonymous said...

reason i left religion behind, took up instead spirituality, form a relationship personal only of me and 'God', untainted by what the mundane world tells me, believing in only this love inside.

hugs, we will find our Gods by and by.-i hope some find it really really soon and stop the evil they incur before wrath finds them-


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely poem. This is the Islam I respect.I am a Christian but I have given up on churches and their leaders. I only look into the Bible and speak only to God.

Anonymous said...

Religion could be anything
But not the Sky nor Earth
that give you everything.
From food to nerve
if you have the heart to "earn".

To learn that will steer
the spirit to pure
with a wisdom to peel
what are real.

Not in isolation with classes
but in co-operation even with grasses.
Not only with glasses
but with flashes.

To look for association
for a better organization
with harmony with sympathy
taking minority helping disability.

Not a dream
if fairness is the stream!
Not by luck
but your heart
before it went dark!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful poem MIS!It brought tears to my eyes.Beautiful indeed.Great job!

Anonymous said...

Forgive me, God
For reading
Forgive me, God
For believing enough
to want to believe
Forgive me, God
For thinking that the Quran
was for me

I put it to you, do you believe in the Quran?

Yes or No.

Anonymous said...

Thanks your tick
but I am flattered to take
as I know not the trick
to see the best to pick.

Hope you enjoy the tiny
even they are not shinny
but skinny
to see straight to the mini
without the creamy.

Not from what had been seen
but in the scene
knowing what is sin
so need not a screen.

Tomorrow will be a little
on what had been since....!

Malik Imtiaz Sarwar said...

Anonymous at 7.51,

I would like to think so. That, however, is a matter for God.

Do you?


Anonymous said...

The Quran came into a Forum.
Let's not be bind by the quorum
with Yes or No in the column.

The Quran is there to be read
with our soul to lead
with the heart to avoid mislead
after years that had lapsed
with differences to be aware
or it is only a ware
that go only one where
or even no where
without the heart to beware.

A wise man get wisdoms
from all kingdoms
so as to go by rhythms.

Seeing wide thinking wise
green, blue, red give rise
to white
Only eat rice
after water and the heat are right.

No point
to pin point
when no one take rice
without other to spice.

Let's get our heart bright
to put our mind right
and so be delight
whenever we can share some light.

Forgive me if I am not Right!!
Good Night!

Anonymous said...

Nice poem!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng said...

Loving God in His great love and grace
Will forgive anyone who honestly repents
Go beyond the book and look at His face
There you'll find enough substance and contents

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Fri. 26th Oct. 2007.

Anonymous said...

Those were the days
with cheers to cheese
when family were under the trees.

The drift took us to thee
on Schedule with Hedges
following with ACTss!

A Condo to innuendo
with HDA to STA
but hidden with SDBA plus TCPA
with NLC but minus LPA!!

Visiting IBU, ACA, MIA, HBA, MCA
all back to square A!

KPTK, KTPK, KTPTG, turn on the ping-pong
so gone even if a KingKong!

Visiting the Bar
with DB not too far.
Not for a beer
and surely not cheer
when procedures are nowhere near
and answers hardly clear!

PTG named the place
with PKNS to play
so someones need not pray
and no place for DID to stay
but MPPJ or MPSJ to say.
so gone many many a days
with someone continuing up to today
for many many to talk the "save"
either pay or stay
nevertheless they hold the gate!!

The Condo stays away
when the club turns away
with MC bully the way
so Common Properties given away!

Calling a meeting
for them to do the Talking
even all should be accounting
and auditing.
No one can do the asking
or the Guard will be standing
to stop the one disagreeing
and so they are continuing
as those they are the only ruling!

So, to tear the man
until he cannot comment
as no one will look at any "a"
even he presents all in straight A.

That is Malay's A!!

Anonymous said...


"Wom" "Wom" busy working the bees
flying around the trees
Their Home Home are on the trees.
They find worm worm on the trees
so "Ong" "Ong" to warn to flee.
"Wom" "Wom" "Ong" "Ong"
on their Home Home with Worm Worm
The Poor Bees!

Does God need to hear
their prayers before he can see
what is the deal
that make all this real?
Should Bees be so poor? indeed!

Anonymous said...

If you look in Quran,Hadith for answers to live a better life accordance to what Allah says.. AlhamduliLlah..

but if youre looking for approval to what you want and dont want, approval to your answers to problem, answers of life, what should and shouldnt etc. then u should ask yourself why u need to look into the Quran when u have already answered your answers..

believe that we are Allah's creature to worship Him and submission yourself.. only to Him

{ALlah does not judge you according to your appearance and your wealth, but He looks at your hearts and looks into your deeds.} Narrated in Saheeh Muslim, #2564

Xweing said...


It is heartfelt even tho I am a Christian.

Anonymous said...

Be Free?
Not today
as I get a lot of delays
their lawyers need not say
as the judges care not the way.

I pay the fee
and did the trees
on what to trace
for the case
so the bundle ready for display!

My lawyer see not the delays
nor made his way
to the mention days.

The BAR also no say
so do I need to pray
to send God on the way
to save??