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Monday, January 22, 2007

Where Were You

Where were you
When the machete swung
And walls were painted Red
With the blood of innocence

Were you in hell
Speculating, trading
In the currency of life and soul
Negotiating your immortality
A place of honour in posterity

Or were you in heaven
Between the thighs of the whores
For whose whispers
Of transient love
You guaranteed lifetimes of pain

Where were you
When hope was cleaved, hacked
From mind and breast
When the rivers of blood
Swollen with the tears of a nation
Burst their embankments

As that machete swung


Milky Tea said...

Did you not see me?

For I was at home,
Sitting contentedly,

I was in my office,
Counting my money,

I was in prayer,
Reading theology,

I was at Starbucks,
Having my coffee.

Where else would I be?

Anonymous said...

i was in heaven seems like heaven
the crisp sea breeze
blowing in my face

i saw a yacht
oh... my dream
it must belong to me
it must

i was down under
yes, with maidens
aah, my dream too
dream of dreams

for i care not
about the troubled waters
in my homeland
i care not
for, i have a dream


Unknown said...

I was in a place where some justification is needed before the machete is swung, not only for `show' but also because the internal morality of humanity peeks through there, even in the ranks of government.

That's Singapore. I'm sorry I was not in Malaysia. One can only be at one place at one time.


hey malek, taufiq's hilarious! but bacardi is deep, man. it is about the sleeping beauty's dream, right? that zzzzzzzzzz at the end of the poem is so class-ic!
i will send my one and only poem in my blog. it's in bm, i hope your posters had bahasa malaysia 101 sometime in their past.
translate for me if you can.

all the best.


, June 11, 2006
pulangkan kepercayaaan ku
kembalikan, oh abdullah ahmad badawi
kertas ballot yang ku pangkah buat mu
yang ku pangkah dengan penuh harapan
bahawa gantian mahathir adalah
anak jantan yang
tidak akan
lupa daratan
yang tidak akan
lupa jasa kawan

pulangkan, wahai perdana menteri
mandat yang ku beri
dengan minda dan sanubari
yang dibalut
kepercayaan bahawa badwi ini
seorang yang arif, peka, beradab, dan tulus di hati

tidak kusangka tidak kuduga
oh abdullah ahmad badawi
rupanya slogan (work with me not for me) yang aku dapat
semuanya ternyata hanya helah
suatu penipuan suatu propaganda
kosong tidak bermakna

tapi perdana menteri
bahawa aku dan kami tertipu hanya sa kali
malaysia tiada terpedaya lagi
pulangkan, kembalikan dan kemudian
nyah kau dari pandangan.

Anonymous said...


Stop wondering, my child.
I never existed.

No no, strike that.
I existed, but the other stuff which I claimed 'existed' - they didn't. I just made them up, or borrowed them from somewhere else - not just for the 'thighs of the whores', of course.

Little did I know that people would go crazy over what I said, as well as what I did...

You have to call the 'real ones' to help, mate. Sorry.

chong y l said...

i think you are asking me,
living in a "small" house
making ends meet at a satay stall

now I ask thee
where gopt machete wsinging
where got heaven
when i have hell on earth

SYTs at my beck and call
Whores in between my thighs
I'm stealin, at the ball

(c)9.11am Jan 25

Anonymous said...

the machete missed
the smell of the blood
of my kith and kin
and I killed them all
then on my knees I fall

for there was only me

I have killed
they have killed
those I love are no more
vengence could not
take the pain away

I longed not to live another day
and love is just a memory

Anonymous said...

I was with taufiq,
Animated in conversation,
About the money that,
Wipes conscience clean,
Thology that that absolves,
And the caffeine of politics,
That keeps us awake,
And keeps us from ourselves.