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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Towering Malay(sians)

Once, we walked
As giants
We tremble now
In misery
Tiny, irrelevant

Lost in a sea of legs
Peering in the gloom
Of shadows
Cast by soles
The dizzying heights
No longer ours to command

We merge
Into shapeless obscurity
As we drift
On the tears
Of those we forget
Even as we remember


Anonymous said...

lovely poem...light as a breeze over a lake, so much depth under the surface of the water

Anonymous said...


Why you put "sians" in brackets?

Now I beginning to wonder whether address us as Malaysian - see the definition of sian in or to call us the People of Malaysia

Old Fart said...

Towering Malaysians? Or should it have been towering Malays? Atthe UMNO GA recently youd be done in for suggesting Towering Malaysians. There can only be but Towering Malays or for there to be hope for ketuanan Melayu to happen. But going by the golds Malaysia got for the Asian Games at Doha...any pride salvaged for the nation was won by CHINESE AND a half Indian!...What a shameful let down for ketuanan Melayu. Hishamuddin might just have done well if he had led the contingent with a keris in his hand.

Malik Imtiaz Sarwar said...

OF, I think the point that needs to be made is that all Malaysians are important and that all Malaysians represent the country. It does not matter whether our representatives are Malay, Chinese, Indian or otherwise as long as they are the most suited to the task. We have very capable individuals from all the ethnic communities, including the Malays. I do not agree with the administration's emphasis on Towering Malays. Malaysia is for Malaysians.

Old Fart said...

Malik, I understand the point to be made. It is just so tiring when so much talk is made of all this ketuanan things like as if we the non-malays don't exist. In the late seventies and early eighties when it was quite difficult for us nons to get jobs and many were left unemployed, there did nto seem to be a problem, but now with 80,000 graduates unemployed, mostly Malays at that, it somehow seems to matter....not to you of course..but the powers that be. I get tired sounding like a broken record sometimes, but I guess some where I hope that the people who matter do read it sometime.

Hey, in the 70s and 60s we all supported our soccer, hockey, badminton and ehat ever other teams...teh race of the players did not matter...One of the fines goals I have ever seen scored in Merdeka Stadium is that of Mockhtar Dahari....and everyone who was there still talk about it in admiration. There is no need for extended over exagated play in the media to emphasis that fact. Those who saw relished it and appreciate it.

Obviously some of what we write is totally unfair to a lot of the Malays and many of our friends included. I guess we are really directing our ire to the UMNOputras for whom this ketuanan thing is what gives them orgasmic pleasure. I know many Malays whoa re embarassed by it all and would not lump themselves with this crowd. Hey, maybe a reclassification of race needs to come gotMalays and you got UMNOputras. How about that?

TK said...

i think our current government policy is to try to segregrate each race even further. As to remain a relevant party for each race. Hopefully Malaysia could withstand the globalisation era. With this government policy, i would be glad Malaysia can remain a prosperous country for years to come