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Monday, September 10, 2007

Seriously, Mr Deputy Prime Minister

The updated Malaysiakini report about the events at Pantai Batu Buruk, Kuala Trengganu describes the Deputy Prime Minister as defending the action of the police on the basis that it was their duty to ensure law and order.

I take this to mean a justification of even the firing of a firearm resulting in the serious injury if one, if not two, young Malaysians.

Do you seriously believe what it is you are saying, Mr Deputy? How is it that you know as a matter of fact what happened at the debacle? Why is it that you have preferred the version of events that has been presented to you over other possible versions? What could justify the use of such force against unarmed citizens, especially in the presence of such a significant number of police officers, citizens who were attempting to exercise their constitutional and democratic rights?

Or is it that we, the rakyat, do not matter anymore. That the feelings of the parents, mothers and fathers, of these Malaysians who were injured and others like them, do not figure in the larger reckoning?

Your response is an indictment against the Prime Minister and the Government he represents. Contrary to all impressions conveyed by the sentiment ascribed to you, life is not cheap in Malaysia. All of us, every single one of us, matter.

I call upon the DYMM Yang Dipertuan Agong to urgently establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry. Malaysians, in particular those who were on the wrong end of the water cannons, tear gas, batons and bullets of the police, and their loved ones, deserve to know the truth. About the events that resulted in the shooting and other as yet unascertained injuries. About the denial of the constitutional right to reform and a better government.

The attack was not an attack on individuals but against all Malaysians and democracy.

We deserve an accounting.



What A Lulu said...

the current Agong is also the Sultan of Trengganu.
I hope he will stand up for his subjects and establish a Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate the events which lead to the hurting of his people.

amreeth said...

thanks for posting this and for documenting what it is we should be worried about MIS. thanks especially for keeping us honest. most Malaysians would have just turned the page in the newspaper, and not given this a 2nd thought.
it is an interesting turn of events. i doubt there will be an inquiry though. the govt will stand behind their crappy "illegal assembly" ruling.

peaceful malaysian said...

Should the King exercise his power, I believe most of his rakyat will be standing on his side.