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Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Riz Khan Interview

For those who missed it or had not realised that I was on the Riz Khan show with Haji Sulaiman, here's the link

The show looks at the role of Islam in Malaysia and the reasons underlying the recent controversies in light of assertions internationally that Malaysia is a moderate, progressive Muslim country. The issues are presented through our differing viewpoints. Though the nuances of the debate were beginning to emerge when the show ended, the show provides some useful insights.



Rev. Sivin said...

Malik, I'm glad it was on youtube .. since I don't have Astro (like many people). While it was short, it gave a picture of the two differing positions on the matter. I felt yo did well in articulating in summary the key issues. I expected more from Haji Sulaiman.

Mr. Smith said...

You did extremely well and spoke for the TRUTH (in its absolute sense).
I am proud of you!
Hj Sulaiman was a wash out.
He is bind to what is happening in the country.
What a shame?

Trashed said...

I too expected some insights from Hj Sulaiman to understand his viewpoint. I felt that he just articulated his position as is, without providing grounds for assuming that stance.

Malik, on the other hand, provided examples from the legal and human rights standpoint, which seemed fairly rational.

I was also hoping to hear from Hj Sulaiman how being an "Islamic state" would be beneficial to all Malaysians, compared to Malik's view of the Constitution being the protector of the rights of all Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

I thought Haji Sulaiman was capable of more. That he took on the very patronising position of dismissing anything and everything took an attitude of one self-propelling oneself to an elevated position that dismisses all sounds coming from the bottom. Certainly he displaced absolutely no respect for anything Malik had to say or for that matter Ritz Khan's questions and Sulaiman deserves the contempt of all thinking people!